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Books for 2014

May 8, 2014
1. Life Itself, Robert Rosen*
2. Closely Watched Trains, Bohumil Hrabal
3. The Music Of Chance, Paul Auster
4. Slapstick or Lonesome No More!, Kurt Vonnegut
5. The Beautiful And Damned, Scott Fitzgerald
6. Steppenwolf, Herman Hesse
7. Tender Is The Night, Scott Fitzgerald
8. The Art Of Falling, Kathryn Craft
9. Andrews Brain, E.L. Doctorow
10. Small Move, Big Change, Caroline L. Arnold
11. What Is Life?, Erwin Schrodinger
12. Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov
13. Ravelstein, Saul Bellow
14. Catch 22, Joseph Heller
15. A Passage To India, E.M.Forster
16. Flatland, Edwin Abbott
17. Investigations, Stuart Kauffman
18. The Postmodern Condition, Jean-Francois Lyotard
19. The End of Certainty, Ilya Prigogine
20. One-Dimensional Man, Herbert Marcuse
21. The Emperors New Mind, Roger Penrose

22. The Problems of Philosophy, Bertrand Russell

23. The Elementary Particles, Michel Houellebecq
24. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki And His Years Of Piligrimage, Haruki Murakami
25. Hear The Wind Sing, Haruki Murakami
26. City Of Glass, Paul Auster
27. Ghosts, Paul Auster
28. The Locked Room, Paul Auster (all above three as The New York Trilogy)
29. Laughable Loves, Milan Kundera
30. The Joke, Milan Kundera
31. A Floating Life, Tad Crawford
32. Ghostwritten, David Mitchell
33. number9dream, David Mitchell
34. The Character Of Rain, Amelie Nothom
35. The Childhood Of Jesus, J.M.Coetzee
36. Slaughter House Five, Kurt Vonnegut
37. Amnesia Moon, Jonathan Lethem
38. Enduring Love, Ian McEwan
39. Atonement, Ian McEwan
40. Saturday, Ian McEwan
41. American Gods, Neil Gaiman
42. House of Leaves, Mark Danielewski
43. Call Me By Your Name, Andre Aciman
44. What She Left Behind, Ellen Marie Wiseman
45. The Plum Tree, Ellen Marie Wiseman
46. Company K, William March
47. The Archeology Of Knowlede, Michael Foucault
48. I Am A Strange Loop, Douglas Hofstadter
49. Strange Simplicity To Complex Familiarity, Manfred Eigen

50. The Sound And The Fury, William Faulkner

51. Fractured Times, Eric Hobsbawm
52. Flauberts Parrot, Julian Barnes
53. England England, Julian Barnes
54. Nothing To Be Frightened Of, Julian Barnes
55. The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
56. Fooled By Randomness, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
57. Thinking Fast And Slow, Daniel Kahneman