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At the end of the assignment, student will be able to:

1. Test student knowledge level in NDT dye penetrant inspection

Calon dikehendaki menjawab semua soalan dalam kertas tugasan ini dengan merujuk kepada
Isikan tempat kosong yang disediakan. Untuk makluman, markah bagi setiap soalan
tertera di sebelah kanan soalan.
1. Two types of dyes used in dye penetrant inspection are:




(2 marks)

2. Dye penetrant inspection is based on the principle of:

Capillary action

(1 marks)

3. The best method of cleaning a surface is by using a:

Volatile petroleum-based solvent

(1 marks)

4. State 3 kinds of developers used to draw penetrant from faults:

i. Dry developer
ii. Wet developer
iii. Nonaqueous developer

(3 marks)

5. What types of materials can be used to carry out dye penetrant inspection?

Ferrous metals

ii. Non-ferrous metals

iii. Nonporous plastic material