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Preliminary write up

During our preliminary task we had to make a very short film

demonstrating different shots and various editing techniques. We had
someone opening a door, walking across the room to sit down and then
a very brief interaction between two people. The different shot
angles and editing techniques that were required for this task is:

match on action
180 degree rule
Shot reverse shot
Close up shot
Sound editing

What went well?

We were able to do the filming without breaking the 180 degree rule
and also showed a good and clear representation of match on action
as it was clear what was going on. We also had clear dialogue within
our short film; in addition to this we had the shot reverse shot
clearly establishing the conversation between the two characters.
What could have been improved?
During the short extract there werent too many shots and there
wasnt a particularly wide range of angles. During the preliminary
we were meant to treat it as practice for the real production
therefore maximising this opportunity and getting a wide range of
shots and angles making the extract more of a spectacle and I think
this is something that could have been done better during the

Ben Bateman