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Shannon House, Dominic Edwards and Lester Loat

When was Ofcom set up?

Ofcom was set up on the 29th of December 2003.
It was initially announced by the Queen to the parliament in
June 2001.
It was then established by the Office of Communications Act
2002 and received its full authority from the Office of
Communications Act 2003.

How is Ofcom funded?

Ofcom is partially funded by the public through TV licensing.
It is mainly funded through the Communications Act 2003 by
providers who pay annual fees.
It gets its funding from industries regulating broadcasts and
direct pay from the government.

What role does Ofcom have in regulating

Ofcom regulates communications, so regulates TV, radio, fixed-line
telecoms and mobiles, plus the airwaves that wireless devices operate
over, meaning they can control the advertising the public is exposed to.
Ofcom work with the ASA to regulate advertising.
After they merged, the ASA was put in charge of day-to-day regulation
of advertising and Ofcom were made responsible for controlling and
updating the code that the ASA regulates from.