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Topic : Same and difference between students living in dorm and outside while studying.

Nowadays, knowledges and wisdoms are very important in the worldwide, thus,
many people continue to learn new ideas from university, whether they are young or old.
This is because, they realize that graduations slip will provide them find a nice job.
However, before they attend to school, they have to face a problem to decide their living
place. Therefore, students live in a room either dormitory or outside, both have
advantages and disadvantages, they also have some compare reasons.
In the beginning, students who stay in dorm are more benefits than social places,
because they do not have any trouble when their live. The president of school has already
prepared to them. Moreover, the dormitories are near by the classes which are studied by
students, so they will always walk and return to class, the same with people who always
do outdoor exercises and keep healthy in their physical and mental everyday. On the other
hand, they must to join whole the worship in campus since morning until night, whenever
they do not have time. It is not a bad idea, because they will learn about some traditional
skills and knowledges from there. So that, students will become more active in their life. (
Kirkendall, Doueck, Saladino, 2009)
In another point, pupils who are staying outside the school will get many problems
since they inhabit. The main matter is the money, cause they need to pay it for renting
house or room. They also should buy a vehicle for using on go and back to school and
their diet management, if they do not want often in hurry. Furthermore, they have to take
care of their home security, because the wealth is very important for them. (ObengOdoom, Eltayeb ElHadary, Jang, 2014) However, they can apply and know how to
manage the time to do something without a schedule. Those are the best way for whose

future will not easily drop in trouble. (Kennedy, Black, 2010)

Finally, both of types of spaces are quite different but they have some same reason
for living there, it is learning more and more knowledge at the courses they choose.
Learner will be taught by tutors whose qualifications are pretty high level. They also can
discuss and share their homework together with any schoolmates, it will help them to
know about each other in communicating with unconsciously feeling. At the same time,
they shall be absorbing some cultural styles that come from dissimilar country from
international students. Thus, they are becoming to respect and get along with each other
similar like a huge family. They may also improve quickly on the assignments and tests.
In short, whenever pupils live in a place which is prepared by university or
themselves, there are still have cons and pros, and also some un-change causes. However,
it is the place that students should be staying and resting when they decided to study at
school. Therefore, they have to study hard because they spend their extremely time and
money for learning the courses which will help them probably for their future.

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