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Insurance declaration


Certificate Of Insurance

The declarations that are located in a

separate section of a property or casualty
insurance policy. Common policy
declarations contain all of the basic
information that defines the policy.
These declarations include the name of
the insured, the amount of coverage and
the name, description and location of the
item or items being covered.

Definition of 'Certificate Of
Insurance '
A document issued by an insurance company/broker

that is used to verify the existence of insurance

coverage under specific conditions granted to listed
individuals. More specifically, the document lists the
effective date of the policy, the type of insurance
coverage purchased, and the types and dollar amount
of applicable liability.

'Certificate Of Insurance
A certificate of insurance is often demanded in

situations where liability and large losses are a

concern. For example, a company wishes to hire a
driver from a temp agency. The company will
most likely ask the agency to show them a
certificate of insurance that proves that certain
liabilities will be covered by insurance in the
event the driver causes problems, such as
incurring damages from driving the company's