The Leader

With the burning of a flash, cringe and flee with a dash. But if you’re strong in mind, victory is what you will find. So reach out and send, still the feeble din. With you’re voice as is, light the fury explosive. And when the wind is quiet, and all know who lit it. Stand before them all, show mercy to all. And if someone cries out, show them you can still shout. But hurt them not; for they are yours now, the lot. And if there is one who doubts, says you should be thrown out. Who reminds you of a ledge? of falling from your pledge. Preserve and Protect, less you tend to forget. The plea of the people, the strong and the feeble. Listen carefully with an ear, the other one for fear. For it tells of a feather that fell from comfort to death.
Randy Rowe Copyright: 1973, Revised 2009