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What is Blabberize?
Blabberize is an entertaining
tool that allows users to turn
an image into a "talking"
image by making the image's
mouth movable and adding
an audio track. (PolackWahl & Anewalt,2011 )

Some Examples

Blabberize Tutorial

Research Regarding Use of Blabberize

Introducing students to tools that spark their creativity is part of what

makes teaching a digital media course enjoyableThis tool is sure to

grab students' attention and spark some creative project ideas.
(Polack-Wahl & Anewalt,2011 )
Blabberize ( is a website that allows a person to
upload a picture and then record voices to make that image speak.
Teacher candidates used this site as an alternative for student oral
presentations. The use of a talking picture (such as an historical
figure) can be a humorous addition to any lesson. (Gandy& Stobaugh,
These tools also assist with drawing the students into the content.They
add a little snap, a little pop, to the online classroom.' Jay often uses
these Web 2.0 tools, such as Blabberize although they can also
be used to cover course content. (Bennett, J. )

Educational Benefits of Using Blabberize

Introducing content; engage students (Wright, 2011)

Teachers can create an avatar to introduce a new topic.
Customize tour guides (Wright,2011)

Bring historical figures to life (Wright,2011)

Enhance students listening and speaking skills

(especially for foreign language and ESL/ESOL students)

Ideas for the classroom

Students can be asked to use text from history to make it come

alive! e.g historic speeches or major laws that were passed and
made a marked difference e.g. the law to desegregate.
Have students record songs on poems demonstrating their
knowledge of a topic and record the creation with Blabberize.
For example: Photosynthesis Raps
It can be used to encourage students to prepare presentations
to introduce themselves.
Students can be asked to use it to demonstrate their content
Can be used to incorporate technology into a Reader's Theater

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