EWS: extreme wide shot/ WS: wide shot/ CU: close up/OSS:Over-shoulder-shot/ CA: cut-away shot

Description of Shots

Action, Dialogue/Details

Duration (secs)

INT. Jane'as apartment-DAY
FADE IN W slaunted Shot ( Camera boom behind 3 trashbag in 3 Huge trashbag in hallway (located at the foreground of frame), porportion bigger than Jane in the background hallway, flows thr empty hallway into Jane's apt, her apt before camera mvt. Jane in her almost empty apt, talking to security guard who stands before her door ( only his door is open) back) , Jane's apt empty excpet a old wooden case n bed frame in bkground SG:I am sorry to hear about your mother, Do you want me to help you pack your stuff? 2


8 9 51


Medium OSS , see Jane w/ bookcase in bkgorund

J: No, it's fine I am done packing.

SECURITY GUARD Can you believe they are gonna torn down this place?  (Sigh )This area is old, but it has so much's just sad that by tomorrow, this place will already be gone 3: JANE I know.. I know...but the old has to go, for the new to come right? Trust me this place's going to look so much better afterward.

SECURITY GUARD Sigh... Mr. Tom, he has been having a hard time dealing with all these. He said he will stay in his apartment no matter what.. SG: Don't forget that box over there. Jane turns to look at the box, turns back to SG J: That's nothing. Just some old pictures, they are all messed up anyway. SG: Alrit then. Just don't take too long. I gotta lock this place down J: OK. I gotta go to work too/ sound of shutting door


CA to box on self


5 6

FADE OUT Title " The Cycle" comes in

3 10

EXT. Business District-DAY
7 8 9 10 10a 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
people walking through bussiness district (Jane among them), including bkgound landscape. J holds a coffee 5 Jane walking closer to the camera 4 WS of Bus n cars passes, reaveal Jane on very R of frame couple buses and cars pass in foregound, Jane and people wating at crosswalk in bkgound 2 n ppl on L of frame MS of Jane ( J on L of frame, R of frame for old woman to 2 women talking behind J's left, a slouching old woman pushes a metal dolly, slowly come in on J's R, she turns her head, stares at 17 J enter) J not realizes first, then finally turns to look at old woman 4 CU old woman still staring 2 CU Jane uncomfortable 1 ECU old woman's eye 2 ECU jane's eye 1 MS traffic light turns green 2 all walk, except old woman 6 WS Jane, old woman n ppl on side of crosswalk walks to middle of crosswalk, truns to look at old woman 6 MCU Jane still back at the other side of corsswalk 3 slanted WS of old woman

EWS MS to MCU of Jane as she appraoches

INT . Cubicle-DAY
25 26 27
MS MCU pans up

Jane puts her coffee down on bookcase , phone rings offscreen, goes to desk off screen

3 coffee smoke come up shows smoke framing around mirror, in mirror see Jane sit down at desk, put on ear piece. Mirror reflection begins to look like a skull 3 JANE Hi, Department of City Planning. This is Jane. 47 2 7 7 2 8 3 12

28 28a 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

MS of Jane at desk picks up phone (see script for full dialog)

CA of petition letter on left side of desk
medium of desk side (include view of trash can Jane's leg) Extreme close up of Jane's eyes (omit) Medium of Jane's lap and the floor Extreme Wide rear shot of Jane Close up of the trash can, Jane' sPOV Extreme Wide rear shot of Jane

about 10 envelopes, it only scribbled : To:department of city planning MRF's hand creeping out of the trash can, reaches for her right leg She jumps, her eyes looks down

Jane sitting at her desk, slowly lean to right to see what is it that grabs her leg Jane looks at the thrash can next to her desk. It is overloaded with trash Jane approaches the trash can, and take out the trash

INT.Office Kitchen-DAY
36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 high angle, slanted lowering back to medium eye-level close up on Jane close up on trash bag,metal door and Jane's hand close up on Jane's face medium of Jane and trash bag close up on trash bag,metal door and Jane's hand close up on Jane's boots wide shot POV shot through the garbage can door
Jane walks into the office kitchen, and turn on the light Jane tries to push the trash bag in, won't fit in Jane tries hard to push the trash bag Jane's hand pushing trash bag in, Jane exhausted Jane lowers her head, both hands still holding the trash bag at the same position. Jane getting her breath Jane pushes harder, trash bag n her hands go through the door, Jane trips, both feet off the ground Jane falls into the door Jane holds one hand up, tries to grasp onto something. Trash falls out of the trash bag, shattering aournd her as she falls 5 5 4.5 2 4 3 3.5 2 2.5 6

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