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—_ —_ BODY-TONE SION. & 131s STREET © ~—P, ©, BOX O38 NORTH MIAMI 61, FLORIDA World’s Fastest Strength and Muscle Building System Less Time = Less Effort © Better Results IBSSON I Dear Friend: I received your enrollment for the BODYWT0NE course today. Jet me shake your hond for taking this step. It shows you are a keon-visioned, far-sighted type of person who likes to do things constructively, And believe ne you have made a good investnent, The few minutes per day that you put inte your training will reap you big dividends in terms of building an eye-catching, impressively formed physique. It's a pleasure to meet you by mall and I hove this will be the beginning of a long and Lasting friendship. Wow to get down to business. I am enclosing your first lesson which starts right in on those upper ams of yours, but first I want to advise you on sone very inportant facts conceming your training diet. So got 2 poneil and paper and write down your present body weight, Now divide that Figure by 2.2 . The answer you get will be the number of grams of protein that you need per day to get best results with your BODY-T0NE course. For instance, if you weigh 160 Ibs, and divide ty 2,2 your answer would be 73, You would therefore need 73 grans of protein per day. ALL you need with the BDDY-TONE course is the nomal, regular daily roguironent for adult’ men, You do not need to take, or buy, the high potency protein pills that are currently flooding the drug counters, You can get all the protein you need from the foods you eat every dey. Tut, got thio, If you fall 20f below the requircmont you have figured for yourself then your training sessions will not make the miscles grov in both strength and size. That moans if you weigh 160 pounds and only take in 58 grans of protein per day you will not benefit fron your training progran. This doesn't only pertain to the SODY-TONE course, but is true of any type of exercise program, One quart of milk has 3? grams of protein. An average serving of most meats runs around 22 grams. So you can easily see that a quart of milk plus two servings of meat per day would give you around 76 grams of protein--not counting the other protein foods you eat. But, take ont the quart of milk and you'll pmbably fall short, #nd that's the way it goes. Most milk abstainers have a hard bine meting Hhelr pioteln peqairenints and uailly Have a land bine belldiig musdle,. Bo eile a6 very important. If ty chanco you don't like milk then jou had better do one of two things. Bither learn the protein content of all fogds so you ean figure your required amount, or go ahead and try the high potency protein supplements which you can buy ab most phamacies or health ford stores. Here's 2 little concoction I have for breakfast every morning that will show you an easy way to meet the days protein requirements in one meal: ix and blond tho following in a Waring Blendor: Protein Lopint of skim Mk. ee ee eee ee eee ee 8 gras a RT Rae eee eT 1 heaping tablespoon Dried Brovers Yeast... 5... 4. 20 grams L/h cup Soybean Flour... se te eee eet torent 9 grams 1/k, cup Pre-cooked Soyboan Granules... .-.--..0 Io grams Ik cup Wheat Germ ee ee ee ee ee ee 2 pres 73 grams Flavor with to teaspoons of pure vanilla extract. The result is @ frothy, tacty drink that is vory much Like a vanilla milkshake. T call this a Muscle Cocktail. Ry the time I have two servings of meat during the day T have taken in well cver 100 grams of protein, Mind you, T am not saying that you should do the same thing, I an merely pointing out how I handle my own protein recuirenent. If you want to try the some ‘thing drop in at any health-food store and they ean sell you the required ingredients. Don't write and ask whore you can get this or thet because my answer would be "a health-food" store, ‘There are probably several in your community, If not, try to ovate one in a neighboring commmity, For your convenience I would like to list the protein content of sone of the foods that have it in generous quantities: One quart of MK pee ee ee ee ee eee ee 32 Brame Milk, dried, skin (cup) .... 5. : ++. 35 grans All neats (lean) (average serving, li" by lit by 3 seen 2208b grems All meats (fab) (average serving h" by h" by 2” eae 16-19 grams GHRae Gg AS HEE Me See cee ee © etane Cottage Cheese (A cup)... ee ee ee ee ee | 20 grams Farsley (BCU) ve eee ee tt ee et eee 20 Gram One heaping toblecpoon Dried Browers Yeast . 1 1... 20 grams Wheat Germ (Ecup) oo ee ee ee ee ee ee Oh grams Soybeans (dried, cooked) (eup) ss ee ee ee ee © 20 Grams Soybean Flour (3 cup) see ee eee ee ee ee es) 16 grams Soybeans (dried, uncooked) (eup) .- 2 ++. ee ee © SL grams This list is not complete by any means, but will serve as 2 handy guide in computing your ovm daily protein requirenents. Wow, it is ny personal opinion that you should lso be taking a vitamin oupplenent that covers sll of the vitamins. I don't mean high potency dosages, but yather, minimum daily requirenents. There are many good brands on the market and I'm sure you can find @ suitable onc, Please don!t get the idea that I an a health food addict, I'm not,really. But there is scientific evidence Justifying every- ‘thing I have tetd you so far. Now, just one wore thing. And that is the use of Vitamin B, Vitamin B is the muscle vitamin, In laboratory experiments with aninels if vitamin 3 Je withhold fron the diet the muscles will deteriorate. They get smilier, weaker, and require nore oxygen to do the same ancunt of work, Many experinants at the University of Illinois have shown that Vitamin E in the forn of Wheat-Germ Oil increases the endurance of men in running on a treadmill. Sinilar ondurance reults have been demonstrated at the Toronto Sports College in Canada on tracinen. Froducers of synthetic Vitamin B products were fornerly required to state that "the need for Vitamin E in human nutrition has not been established." Tho Foreral Food and Drug Administration recently reversed their long tine stand on this matter and now officially recognize Vitamin B as definitely being essential to human nutrition, Tt nay be sometime, however, before manufacturer's labels get up to dato with this nev legislation, Vitanin E appears to be responsible for tha optimum health of the comective tlesue within the muscle, Each muscle fiber is wrapped in a sheath of connective tisoue. Thon about every 12 muscle fibers are grouped together to form a bundie of fiers, This bundle is wrapped with even tougher, stronger ccmective tissue. Thon ‘the first bundles are wrapped together in groups to form secondary bundles. Then ‘these ars wrapped in groups--and so on, until the whole muscle is formed, So you see there is 2 considerable amount of this connective tissae in every muscle, Whon Vitamin B is lacking in the diet of an aninal this entire connective structure starts breaking dom, The strength of the muscle falls, and the amount of oxygen required to do work is sharply increased, ithen Vitanin E is supplied in generous amounts this connective tissue gets thick, strong, and healthy, The muscle can do more work, and uscs loss oxygon. Ib is my personal opinion that you will make fester gains in both strength and muscle sise while taking your Body-Tone course if you supplonent your dict with Vitamin E. Just making the connective tissue, itself, thicker and stronger will aid our cause, Whereas a sharp lack of Vitamin E might prevent us from naking any gains at ell, And just watch your ondurance start improving once you start taking Vitemin E. When a muscle uses less oxygen that neans just one thing to you—ARTTE: ENDURANCE, MORE STAYING POWER, AND IMPROVED SPORTS PERFORMANCE Now, synthetic Vitamin E is sold in most drug stores and can be purchased without a doctor's prescription, If the druggist asks you for a prescription that moana that tho Vitamin 1 product he handles is conbined with other substances and is used for specific purposes. That would not be the Vitanin E that you want anyway. The Label on the Vitamin B you purchase should read as follows: VITAMIN E - 100 International Units per capsule (Contains d-alpha tocopheryl acetate (from vegetable oils) equivalent by biological assay to 100 Intornational Unite Vitamin © yer capsule) A gocd Vitamin B product thet I use nyself is Richlyn's Vitamin B, made by Ricklyn Laboratories, Philadelphia, Pa. Your drugvist can secure it for you. One (200 International Unit) capsule per day should be enough to secure optinum results. If you desire a less expensive nethod of taking Vitanin FB you can teke a tablespoonful of wheat germ oil every day. Be sure to keep wheat germ oils refriger- ated so that they don't turn rancid, These can be purchased at any drag store. Vio-Bin is a good product in this line. You got much nore Vitamin F fron the synthetic capsules, however, then you get from any wheat germ o1l product,