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Warm Up

1. Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s work in the 1800s related to which
A. women’s rights
C. the growth of labor
B. the growth of big business
D. religious revival
2. The major focus of the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 was
A. slavery
C. women’s rights
B. taxation
D. powers of Congress
Harriet Beecher Stowe, William Lloyd Garrison, Fredrick
3. The names on this list are most closely associated with the
A. Women’s Movement
C. Abolitionist Movement
B. Second Great Awakening
D. Nativist Movement


over Slavery

Rising in mid-1800s
South dependent
North industrialized;
many states freed
slaves, outlawed
slavery by mid-1800s

Key Abolitionists

William Lloyd Garrison
• Founded anti-slavery
paper The Liberator
Grimke sisters
• Slave-holding family;
became fierce
Frederick Douglass
• Former slave; most
famous black
• Founded anti-slavery
paper North Star

Nat Turner’s Rebellion

Failed slave
Turner: I have
divine mission
to end slavery
Organized revolt;
dozens killed
Turner, dozens
Laws tightened
for slaves, free blacks


Missouri as slave
state would upset
Senate balance
Deal: Admit slave
Missouri, free
Maine (1820)
Missouri’s southern
boundary (36°30'N)
became diving line for all new states: Above it:
Free states; Below it: Slave states

1. What was the result of Nat Turner’s slave rebellion?
A. abolition
B. increased voting rights
C. greater restrictions on free and enslaved African-Americans
D. increased states’ rights
Use the list below to answer the following question

White Abolitionist

Created the anti-slavery newspaper, “The Liberator”

Founded regional and national anti-slavery societies
2. The above list describes which of the following?
A. Frederick Douglass
C. William Lloyd Garrison
B. The Grimke Sisters
D. Nat Turner
3. Which of the following does NOT describe Frederick’s Douglass?
A. He created an anti-slavery newspaper
B. He gave eloquent speeches on behalf of the abolitionist movement
C. He was an escaped slave who published his own autobiography
D. He worked with Southern Congressmen to expand slavery in America

4. Which of the following BEST explains how slavery became a significant
issue in American politics?
A. Slaves began to protest slavery through demonstrations and marches
B. Abolitionists and slave owners began to agree that slavery was beneficial
in some regards
C. Women's’ rights issues were solved so slavery became the new issue of
D. Disagreement between Northerners and Southerners and the threat of
slave rebellions led to increased tensions

5. Which of the following BEST describes the work of the Grimke sisters?
A. They worked aggressively to keep slavery in the South
B. They were the daughters of slave owners who worked for the abolitionist
C. They were white former slave owners who believed that slavery was not
an important issue
D. They were women’s rights activist that believed slavery was justified.