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By: Joel S. Goldsmith

1962 London Closed Class [Tape 490 - Side 2]

ood Morning... This ion over the weather, over the cli- And so it is, you could go

G morning we come to a
most important subject,
and one that each student must
mate, over foods, germs, storms.
We should have, but we do not
have. And the reason is that: do-
through one phase of your own life
after another, and watch how you
have surrendered certain privileges,
work out for themselves, the sub- minion is something that we volun- certain liberties. Even in home life,
ject is: “Domi ni on.”In the begin- tarily surrender for a temporary we do that same thing, that is, the
ning, God gave us dominion, an moment of peace, it is exactly that human world doe s:i fthere ’
unlimited dominion, dominion over which happens in free countries. dominating member of a family,
everything between the skies and The man most responsible for the gradually all the others will surren-
the bottom of the seas. Actually, freedoms that we have in the der a little here and a little there,
dominion doe sn’ twork that way at United States, one of the men to until that one is running the whole
all! Dominion is always a domin- whom we owe the most, Thomas nest.
ion over our self. We never can Jefferson, said that “ De moc r
a cy Now... dominion is something
have dominion over each other, the must in the end fail, that people that is given to us byGod—a nd
divorce rate proves how futile it is will lose their freedoms —t heywill therefore, we always have it, it has
to try. The failure of the various surrender t hem, ”and they have. never been taken away from us.
socialistic movements, shows how Gradually, bit by bit, we let some- The only thing that has been taken
impossible it is. We never can body or other come along and take away from us is “ theexercise of
have dominion over each other, we our freedoms from us, and always our domi nion” .. . that we have
never can have dominion over the reason is the same: a little tem- surrendered. The dominion we still
“ any t
hi ng” or“ any body.” But porary peace. have, and we can assert i t
—a tany
when the Bible says that “God An illustration of it is, someone moment that it seems important
gave us dominion over everything, has said that: “ thepower to tax is enough to us. Not before, nobody
in the earth and above the earth the power to e nsla ve ,” and of is going to assert their dominion
andbe neat
ht hee ar th,
”it means course we ’dnever believe t hat—s o because, it requires an effort. And
exactly that. It means that we have we ’vegiven our governmental au- at this stage of experience a very
dominion over our consciousness, thorities the power to tax. And of vigorous and continued effort, until
and over everything within our course “ taxa ti
on”has really be- we once more are in possession of
consciousness. And since the en- come... into the acquisition of our our dominion.
tire universe exists within our con- properties and freedoms. “ Ta xa- Now we do not want dominion
sciousness, by having dominion tion”has become such now that it over each other, let us immediately
over our sel
ve s—weautomatically is no longer taxation, it is really the get all ideas out of our he ad—t hat
have dominion over everything that taking away of everything that an what we are seeking is dominion
pertains to our lives. individual can have above their over someone else, or dominion
But this dominion that was living. This we surrendered, not over something else. The domin-
given to us in the beginning, we necessarily, but it was so easy just ion that we are seeking,i s“ ado-
have completely lost: not partially to say, “ oh,i t
’sa war meas ure ,
” minion over our own uni verse ,

lost, but completely lost. We have and there it was. Evidently peace and that means dominion over our
no dominion as “ t
hehuman r ace” stillh a
sn’t c
o me ,be cau s eth eyh ave- own consciousness: what we accept
I’mspeaking: we have no domin- n’ tc hang edthet a
xe s . as true or false.
Let us take the subject of g erms —wehave dominion over word of The Infinite Way, which is
“ we a ther”or“ cl
ima te.” Now i n our consciousness, and thereby we our sacred word and our secret
the present age as you know, the accept our consciousness as being word: “c ons c i
ous ness”.. . “ con-
human race is subject to weather power, authority, and dominion: scious ness.”If you understand that
and climate, and it is for this rea- “al lpower is given unto me .”And God is infinite divine Conscious-
son, that there are colds and grippe automatically, we are withdrawing ness, and that this Consciousness
and flu, and many other germ it from weather, climate, germs. is your individual consciousness,
di sea se s
—a llbecause we have And the first thing you know, we for God has given us all that we
given dominion to these. Now I are freer of those conditions than have: God has given us HIMSELF;
can prove to you in two minutes, the rest of the world. God has breathed into us HIS life;
that this is unnecessary. In the field Now remember, let no one tell God has given us HIS mind, HIS
of Evangelical healing, they tell us you that we have control over the consciousness, HIS awareness, HIS
that about 80 percent of the people weather. But, in our work in The dominion. Therefore, if the King-
who come to the healers for heal- Infinite Way we have performed dom of God is wi t
h in me —t he
ing, have (I mean in England, this experiments, where: tidal waves Kingdom of Dominion is within
is). . . have some form of rheuma- and hurricanes have been predicted, me.
tism or arthritis. Now do you know and where they have been predicted Now I don’ twant any dominion
that in the metaphysical fields, and to strike a certain place, a certain over you, I want only dominion
Idon’ tc arewhi choneof’ emit is, time, and with certain f orc e—a nd over me. I want the dominion to
in the metaphysical f i
elds —l ess five successive times, these have know: that “ nobody, ”a nd “ no
than 5 percent are suffering from dissolved before they struck. Now thing, ”and “ noc ircums tanc e,”
rheumatic and arthritic conditions. let no one believe that we have and“ noc ondi ti
on, ”has dominion
The reason is, that the very moment dominion over tidal waves, or that over me—becaus e I have
an individual comes to any of the w e have d o m i n i o n o v e r God-given dominion; and since the
metaphysical teachings, they begin storms —wehave dominion over Kingdom of God is within me —t his
tor e a li
zet hat:powe rdoe sn’texist our consciousness. We do not dominion or power flows out from
outside in matter; they begin to “gi ve”in our consciousness, we do me, and governs my universe.
realize that power is in mind, or not give power to anything exter- Don’ t forget, I’mnot intruding into
Spirit, or God, or consciousness. nal to ourselves. We acknowledge your universe, I ’
m not intruding
And, automatically without any that “al lpower is giv enunt ome .” into y ourl ife ,I’m noti nt
rudi ng.
specific treatment, without any I have been given God-given I’m making no laws for you,I ’m
s p e c i f i c t a k i n g domi nion—a ndtherefore, I do not making no rules for you, nor am I
thoug ht—a ut
oma ticallythey begin acknowledge a power external to trying to take anything away from
to fear weather and climate and age myself. I acknowledge that all you. I am asserting “my
“l ess .” power is embodied in the Kingdom God-given domi nion”over “my
You find over here, that you of God that is within me. uni ve rse!”And that sets you free,
hear it over and over again “ oh, I’m Remember this, we are not get- to have “ yourGod-given domin-
past forty, I ’m getting rheuma- ting eg oti
s ti
c al—weare not saying ion”over “ y ouruni ve rse .
” And
tism. ”You hear very little of that that “Ihave any powers of my own, then you will find, that if each of us
in the metaphysical field, and al- or any domi nionofmyown. ”We “as s ume s”our God-given domin-
most none of it in our field. And a re s ayi ng t hat“ we ha ve ion ove rouruni verse—wewi lla l
when we do hear of it, it is mostly God-given dominion, so that: if we be working together. We will need
the new beginner. After a while, it have God-given dominion, the to take nothing from each other,
seems to disappear. And the rea- storm has none; if we have but we can share with each
son, we don’ thave any dominion God-given dominion, the germ has othe r—e ve rythingthat we have or
over weather, wedon’ tha vea ny none; if we have God-given domin- everything in our twelve baskets
dominion over climate, we don’ t ion, the stor m ha snone .
” Now full that are always left over.
have any dominion over again, you come back to the basic

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But see what a relationship it e art
h. ”And cling to that, in your ever been before. But remember,
makes, if I know: that “Iand my daily medi tati
onpe ri
odf or“ wor ld your dominion does not extend to
Father are ONE, and all that the wor k,”and “ gove r
nme ntwor k,” anybody or anything external to
Father hath is mi ne”. . . now I have “ national wor k.” Hold to that, yourself.
dominion over my supply. Do you “ thatyou are not choosing this can- I may at this point say to you...
see why I don’ tha vet ot akea wa y didate or that, you are not deter- “ tha tone of the great mistakes
a ny body ’ssupply? Do you see mining which one is going to do made by the Hebrews, was in be-
why I can leave everybody free the best, and so f orth”.. . you are lieving that Jesus was going to be
with their supply? Because “I and going to have God-government, their ki ng.” Now, the Hebrews
my Father are ONE, and all that the you are going to realize God’ sgov- were no different than we are, we
Father hath is mi ne ”. . . and now I ernment. always want a king... a ruler. If we
have dominion over my supply. And then what happens, if you could have it, we ’dall prefer to
Ah, but the moment I have do- actually do hold to this, you will have a dictator, as humans... for the
minion over my supply, I have so discover that those nearest repre- same reason: i t’sso easy to let “
much that I love to share whatever sentative of good government, will father in Wa shing ton”decide what
it is I have, with those who have a be the ones elected. It may not be we should have, rather than to think
need of it. But then as each one, one entire party, but it can be the it through and vote intelligently.
has that same dominion, they find best out of two parties or three par- And so it is that gradually, the
themselves also with twelve bas- ties, so that eve ntuall
y —y ourf a t
e government in the United States
kets full left ove r—a nds incewe isn’ tint heha ndsofapa rt
y ,a nd has been taken over by a little
don’ tall have a supply of the same your fate i sn’tin the hands of cer- group of men, and while the people
thing, we all have something to tain men. You continue to realize, think they still have their freedom
share wi t
he ac hot he r .We ’r
ea l
l “I must be God-governed, I recog- and their vot e —y ou’dbe surprised
sharing love, but that love takes nize and realize only God’ sgovern- how little of their own way that
different forms. ment on earth, even God’ sgovern- they get. And the reason is, that
So you see that, in the subject of ment of me n.”And then you will they have surrendered, little by
“ domi nion,”i tisne ve rt obec on- witness not only a different type of little, their jurisdiction, their do-
fused with “ domi nation. ”It is the person getting into government, but mi nion—byjust letting somebody
same way, when we come to such y ou’ l
lfind that those who get in else think for them and act for
matters as “ el
e cti
ons .”You know come more- or-less—u n de rtheg ov- them.
actually, we have dominion over ernment of a wisdom higher than Now, we do not have to go out
what kind of a government we will their own, even though at times and make the mistake of the He-
have. Buty ouc an’tha vet hatdo- the ydon’ tknowwhy . brews, and believe that we want a
minion by going outside and decid- This does not mean that you king, or we are going out and en-
ing who you want to elect, and then have any dominion over them, and force these few men to govern us,
forcing their election, if you have you don’ twant any. Your domin- because we like them. Nor are we
that powe r—f ort hes i mpl ereas on ion is over your own consciousness in our spiritual work going to set up
that after [elec] they are elected of government, your own aware- any temporal kingdoms. No! “MY
they may not prove to be the right ness of government, your own Kingdom is not of this wor ld,”and
one. Pol it
iciansdon’ ta lwa y
sl ive choice of government. And there- I am not seeking any jurisdiction
up to the promise of their cam- fore, you’ renot choosing who shall over our government or your gov-
paigns. govern me —y ouare merely choos- ernment or any government in the
But, if we will assert our ing how you shall be governed. world. All I want is dominion over
God-given dominion, by realizing: And then, as a miracle will reveal my own consciousness to the ex-
I don’ twant any man to g ove r
n—I to you, eventually, no matter who’ s tent, that every day I want at least
want to realize “God’ sgovernment e lected—y ou will find yourself one [mediteri] meditation period, if
on earth a sitisi nhe a ve n,”Iwa nt free, or at least more free of intol- it’sonly for three minutes, in which
to realize “God’ sdominion on erable conditions, than you have to real ize:“ t
ha nky ouFa t
he r,Iam

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God-governed, God-maintained, ion—e ve ntuallymy supply must experience, how supply has been
God-sustained, and this is the spiri- increase, opportunities must in- increased. Not merely for our-
tual Truth about everyone in our crease. Something must increase to selves, we ’vejust gotten a little
land and on our g lobe.”In this way bring an increase, because it is share of i t—buthow supply has
I have dominion, and I assert my “ God’ sWi l
l”.. . that we have increased through the tape record-
God-given dominion over my in- abundance and that we have twelve ing work. Do you know that, just
visible world. And this always has baskets left over to share with oth- in our own little work, the tape
the effect of operating in human ers. recording work goes into thousands
experience for the universal good. Probably, we lose part of our and thousands of pounds a year.
In the same way, why should we dominion, by thinking in terms of And, that the tape recording manu-
permit anyone to determine the “ ye ster day’sma nna,
”or“ ye ster
- facturers benefit by it, the workers
amount of our supply? Why da y ’savenue of s upply ,”or “ ye ster
- in the tape recording field benefit
should we allow a committee to da y ’slimi tati
onofs uppl y”
...i n- by it, the tape makers benefit by it,
decide how much we should earn? stead of taking each day as it co- the post offices benefit by it. If you
Why? Why, do they love us so mes, and realizing: “t hi sis the day could know the thousands of
much that they want to give us so the Lord hath made, this is the day pounds that are spent each year for
much? Hardly, hardly. in which I and my Father are ONE, postage, you would see how every-
Now you have dominion over this is the day in which all that the one benefits by—nottaking busi-
your supply, not by going out and Father hath is mi ne”. . . and living ness from someone else, but creat-
fighting for it, not by unionizing each day in that consciousness. ing a new industry. And what has
and striking fori t—t hisisnott he Then eventually watching how the resulted is, that there are now thou-
supply in the spiritual world, this is flow begins to start in our direc- sands of church groups making
not the way of supply in the spiri- tion. tape rec ordi ngs,a ndma i
ling’ em
tual world. Those are the human It is the same in business, in the all over the world to each
weapons, that have been forged for human world, it is a highly compet- othe r—j ust as we started when tape
huma ns—whohave no knowledge itive thing, this business thing. recorders were first brought out. It
of spiritual power. But if you have And for that reason, a business has has opened up a whole new field of
knowledge of spiritual power, you become to a great extent “ dis hon- earnings for people, without taking
don’ thave to fight, “s
tandye s till.” e st,”in its advertising, in its prod- away from anybody, their busi-
And then begin to r eal
ize:“God is uc ts—t hesethings never live up to ne ss—c re atingne wbus iness.
the source of my supply; God is the full promise t hat’smade. And Soi tisi ne veryf ield...iti sn’t
infinite, the source is infinite, the the answer always i st hat“ we ll
, only that we have created a
flow is infinite; I and my Father business, competition, i t’
sneces- monthly Letter, that now has a de-
are ONE, all that the Father hath is sa ry.” Probably so on the human partment in the States, and has a
mine; by inheritance I am heir of plane, those are the human weap- department here, and has a depart-
God, I am joint-heir to all of the ons that have been forged. ment in Ge rma ny—a llcre a
tingne w
he av enlyr iche s.
” But not on the spiritual plane. business. But now I notice that
Do you not see I am asserting On the spiritual plane where you other metaphysical movements are
my dominion, my God-given do- re aliz e,“Go d’
sg overnme ntof bus i
- having monthly letters.
mi ni onove rs uppl y?Andy et,I’m ne ss ,”y ou’ l
ls oonf i
nd,a ndbus i
- And so it is that business in-
not trying to take any away from nessmen do f ind—howtheir busi- creases by the creation of new
you, I ’m not trying to take away ness changes, how it increases: not ideas. Well, of course the monthly
from myne ighbo r—Ia ma sserting by running around to take some- Letter idea was a new one, the tape
my spiritual right, to the infinite body e lse’saway from t hem—but thing was a new one. And, do you
supply of God. Then I just watch it by the normal expansion that must thinkt ha tmyFa therha sn’tg ota
as it unfolds on the human plane, come to those who are spiritually million other new ideas? Of
and eventually if I hold to this, led. course! God is infinite, and if we
maintain my spiritual domin- If only you could see in our little go back into consciousness, we will

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bring forth as many new ideas as into your consciousness and let it my wi fe’slove ,notmyc hildren’s
we ne ed—wi t hout going around flow: “ spe ak Lord Thy servant love. They may have it, they may
and taking away from somebody heareth, speak Lord Thy servant not have i t—but Ican’ tbe bound or
else ’
sa lr
ea dyc reatedbus i
ne ss. he ar e th.”Only a few minutes each limited by whether or not they
But, there comes the matter of day, and I can assure you a year have. I must go within and be sure
dominion. How do we come to the could not pa s
s—wi t
hout some new that I have God’ sLove! When I
new idea of a monthly Letter, or idea unfolding, some new way am sure that I have God’ sLove,
the new idea of tape recordings opening up, some new supply man- every member of my family is an
circling the globe? Through medi- ifesting in your experience. It has instrument through which God’ s
tation, daily meditation. And even- to be —f rom t heinf i
ni tena tureof Love f lows —a nd I am the instru-
tually, something comes forth from your own consciousness. ment through which God’ sLove
wi thin—a nd a new activity is Now r eme mbe r,itdoe s
n’ tdo flows to them.
started, and another activity comes you any good to say “Godis infi- Then they don’ thave to be
forth, or another activity comes ni te.”I tisonl ywhe nyou come to bound by whether my nature is
forth. So it is. the realization that the infinity of good or bad, or my generosity is
There are more new ideas in God is embodied in you: “Sonthou little or big. They are governed by
your consciousness at this moment, art always with ME, and all that I God’ sGrace, not my goodwill; and
that have ever been brought forth in have is t hine ;
”or, “Ihave meat the I am governed by God’ sGrace, and
the thousands of years that men world knows not of ”. . . I have new not by [anyone] what anyone wants
have been on earth. Al lof’ e mput ideas in me, I have new sources of to give me or withhold from me.
together could not equal what you supply in me, I have new dominion But if I do not [assume] assert that
have in undiscovered talents and in me, new Grace in me. Each day dominion, and subject myself to
ideas within you. But, how are you the manna must fall fresh: I do not God’ sLove, and God’ sGr ace —I ’l
to bring them forth? Only by a have to rely ony esterda y’sma nna, have nothing but human love and
conscious effort, only as you as- I do not have to rely on y esterday’
s human grace, and sometimes that
sume dominion, and sit down each way of earning a living, I do not will not be sufficient. Because that
day and realize: “ Godconstitutes have to rely on y e
ste r da y’
sany- is the history of the human race: it
my consciousness, infinity is within thing. Every moment of every day loves to get, it hates to give. I t’
my consciousness, and I must open is fresh, and every moment of every only as natures become “s piritual-
out a way for the imprisoned splen- day contains God. Ahh but you iz ed, ”that we think less of getting
dort oe scape .
”Idon’ tknowwhat see, if we do not “consciously and more of giving. But how does
day the lightning will strike, I don’t tur n”in that direction, it is of no a nature become spiritualized? By
know what dayy ou’llbr i
ngf ort
h avail to us. If we do not assert our having God-dominion and
some new idea in teaching, or some dominion... we will not have it. God-Grace and God-Love. Not
new idea in mechanics, or some It is the same way in our homes, complaining about s ome body ’
new idea in discovery or science, or as huma ns—wecould all be dissat- lack of human love, but by accept-
religion. But one thing is certain, it isfied with our homes, with our ingGod’ sLove .
would be impossible for you to mates, with our children, with our But this is all an act of con-
turn into your consciousness, every parents. Certainly human faults are sciousness. We must assume do-
day for a y ear—a ndnot find some- abundant. And eventually, we minion over what we accept or
thing new flowing out from it. It could let all of these have enough reject in consciousness. And, by
would be utterly impossible! Be- dominion over us to make our lives assuming God’ s Government,
cause, God constitutes your con- miserable. But if we want domin- God’ sGrace, God’ sLove, God’ s
sciousness, your consciousness is ion, over our own peace, we must infinit yofs upply—wef reeour -
infinite. assert that, by going within and selves of man-made conditions, in
But unless you assume domin- realizing: God Government in my the home, in the community, in the
ion over your time, and take three home, God’ sLove in my family. nation, and ultimately in the world.
or four or five minutes a day, to go Not my love, not human love, not But always remember, God’ sdo-

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minion. only do this, by an act of your own g ood—i tjust means that the bad
When Jesus said, “Ihave over- consciousness, and it really won’ t day can go on being a bad day,
come the wor ld”.. . do you know do to do it just onc e,toda y—a nd without having any bad influence
he ha dn’ tat all? Heha dn’tove r
- then believe from now on y ou’ r
e upon you; it doe sn’tmean that a
come Rome, heh adn’ tove rcome God-governed. No! The hypno- thousand will not fall at your left or
the Sanhedrin, he ha dn’ tovercome tism of the world is so strong, that ten thousand at your right with
jealousies outside in the world, he if you do not constantly assert your germs or infection or c ontagion—i t
ha dn’ t ove rc ome pe rs
ec ution. God-government, and the infinity just means that you have such
Then what did he mean? He meant of your supply, and your ONENESS God-given dominion within you,
he had overcome “ hi swor ld,”t he with God—t hatpretty soon the that none of these things have
world within hi m—s othat he was world comes along and does you dominion over you.
no longer subject. If Rome wanted out of it. “ Time ”a nd“ thec alendar .”Do
to be Rome let them be Rome, if But if, you persist for a period you realize what slaves the human
the Sanhedrin wanted to be San- like a year, in having a specific race, what they all are, what slaves
hedrin let it be, if people wanted to period of meditation each day, in to the calendar? They get to be 16
persecute let t he m—hewas free which you realize: “the Kingdom of and they start to get intolerable to
and independent of all of it. And God is within me; all that the Fa- live with; they get to be21t ha t’s
only at that last moment, when he ther hath is mine; God has given the age when they know it all; and
wanted to submi tt oi t—di d he me dominion over the sea, the air, then all the other ages until the
submit himself to it. Up till that the sky, all that is in the earth; body starts to disintegrate. Why?
moment he could walk through the nothing shall have any power over The calendar says so! Well where
crowds i nvi sibl y—he could do me, but God-given dominion flows is our God-given dominion over a
anything he wanted because, he out from me; there is no power calendar?
was not subject to the external external to me, to operate in me or Well we have it, but we ha ve n’t
world. Andonl ywhe nhe ’
dc hoos e on me or through me —for I and “e xe rc i
sed”it, and that’sthe word.
to be, when he felt that that was his my Father are ONE, and that ONE- If you want to go through life and
mi ssion—onl ythen did he yield NESS gives me God-power over all maintain your body in some degree
himself up, submit himself to arrest oft heseuni versalbe lief
s.” of health and harmony, facul-
and execution. Well you see, you have now tie s—y oumay not achieve the full
But don’ t think it was necessary. exercised the God-given dominion hundred percent of spiritual perfec-
No, it wa sn’tnecessary. That was tha ty ou’ vea l
wa y sha d. I fy ou tion, l et’sbe satisfied if we do a
his own idea, and it was his inner persist in this for a year, you will little less than a hundred percent.
conviction that “ tha twas right for find that it has become so auto- The point is, that we must have
him to do. ”And because it was, it matic, that you probably don’ t have dominion, we must recognize “ tha t
made it right for him to do. But, to sit down every day for this God is the same today as when we
always remember “ heha dove r
- pe riod—buty ou’ d be surprised were 30, ”and if God is the same
come the wor ld,”he had overcome how every single day something today: God’ sgovernment is the
the world to such an extent, that: out here, will force you to remem- same today, over spirit, soul, mind,
they c oul dn’ t persecute him, they ber it. Andy ou’lla lwa ysbec on- and body. “Your body is the tem-
coul dn’ tcatch him, they couldn’ t sciously remembering: “ domi nion ple of the living God, ”and God
move in on him, they c ouldn’tdo a is not external to me, dominion is governs it: but not if you surrender
thing, they c oul dn’ tstop his eating, of the Kingdom of God that is dominion to a calendar, not if you
his infinity of supply, they c oul dn’t wi thinme .
” surrender dominion to time, not if
stop his healing work. No! He had Then, you have dominion, to you surrender dominion to climate
overcome the world, by overcom- the extent that thewe athe rdoe sn’t or weather. Heavens no!
ing “ self.
”Andthat means he had bother y ou,t he c li
ma te doe sn’t All of these losses of freedom,
allowed God to have full dominion bother you. I tdoe sn’tme ant ha t have come about because we ’ve
in his consciousness. But you can you look at a bad day and call it

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surrendered them. Not because we comes organized has to have a Scripture is enough to change your
h aven’td omi nion—but becausewe boss, and that boss sooner or later life, because the human mind is so
ha ven’ texercised dominion; not tells you what to think, and how to busy “ knowi ngwhat it l acks.”And
because we should have dominion think, and how much to think, even of course it demonstrates you
over a ny thinge xternalt ous —but what to read. And as you surrender know, what it “ has”. . . and when it
we must have dominion over what your liberties, you surrender your has “ l
acks ”t hat’swha titde mon-
we accept in our consciousness. freedoms, the first thing you strates, “ l
a cks.” The more you
Do we accept in our consciousness, know—y oug etto looking outside know you lack, the more you dem-
“twopowe rs”or “ onepowe r?”Do for everybody to tell you what you onstrate of lack.
we accept in our conscious ne ss“a should do. You begin telling your But in proportion as you can
power external to us ”or, “ al
lpower children what to do, and they end realize: “Ihave meat the world
asbe ingwi t
hinus ?” Wea r
et he up telling you. “As ye sow, so knows not of ”.. . I have meat, I
ones determining this, God gave us shall ye r eap”.. . all [doe] the do- have this inner Grace, I have the
this domi nion—i tcan only be kept minion we take over others eventu- Spirit of God indwelling in me, I
by exercising it. (pause) ally comes back to have dominion have the Presence of the Christ in
We are really living in a world over us. But... when we are satis- me;“Iamt heme at”...Ie mbody
of “ wi thinne ss”...wea renot fied to exercise our dominion over meat, wine, water, I include within
fighting elements outside of us, we ourselves, then we are coming myself the resurrection... Why?
are not fighting principalities or under God’ sGrace, and we live not Because Christ the Son of God,
powers. Think of that now, and by the will of man, but by the dwells in me. And this Christ or
remember it, we are not fighting Grace of God... Son of God or Spirit of God, IT’ S
principalities or powers, we are not See how this involves meeting function is to heal the sick, raise
fighting persons or conditions ex- every temptation that appears out the dead, feed the hungry, forgive
ternal to our selves—t heonly fight here, to surrender power: to infec- the sinner, resurrect the body —t hat
that we have is to awaken ourselves tion, to contagion, to weather, to is the function of this “I ”that is
to exercise our God-given domin- climate, to pe rsons—howwe have within me, this “ Ide nti
ty,” this
ion over our own consciousness. to resist the temptation to fight “ Chr istSe lf,
”that is its function.
Then, we can accept everything in them. “ Re s is
tnote vil”ist hel aw, The Son of God was sent to earth,
the external world “ asan appear- “ r
e sistnot evil, ”just turn within ordained to heal the sick, forgive
anc e,”and learn how to handle it. and realize: “ t
hatevil appearance the sinner, raise the dead, resurrect
And of course the main way of outt herei snotapowe r
—whe ther the body. That is the function, not
handling it, is recognizing that no that evil appearance is a person or of a man who lived 2,000 years
power exists external to our con- a tiny germ; the evil appearance is ago, that is a function of “The
sciousness, all power is given unto not a powe r—a l
lpowe risg iven Chr i
st”. . . that this man 2,000
me, God-given dominion: over unto me. ” Andi t’snotapowe r years ago manifested, and said that
every c onc ept—whe the ror not I over anything: i t’
sa power to know we should do. “Gr e aterwor ks
accept it; over every universal theTr uth,i t’
sapowe rtor eceive shall ye do. ” Why? “I ” The
be li
e f
—whe t
her or not I accept it. God’ sGrace, it is a power to re- Christ, will never leave thee nor
You s eet hehuma nr ac e,doe sn’t ceive God’ sLove, it is a power to forsake thee; “I ”TheChrist, have
have this power because it knows express God’ sGrace, to express been with thee since before Abra-
nothing about it. It is not being God’ sLove ,togive God’ sLove . ham was; “I ”The Christ, will be
taught its God-given dominion and Really, we are underGod’ s with thee unto the end of the world;
how to exer cisei t—t here
for ei t Grace more when we are giving and... “I”The Christ am with you,
suffers through ignorance of its than when we are receiving, be- that ye might have life, and that ye
own rights, it suffers through igno- cause it is always the evidence that might have life more abundant.
rance of its own powers. we ourselves know that “I have Then all we have to do to exer-
You can understand how this meat the world knows not of, I have cise dominion, is to constantly,
comes about... everything that be- me at.” That one statement of consciously, realize this indwelling

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Christ, whose name is “ I
”within gove rnsy ou.”( pa use) use, let them have what t hey ’vegot
me. Recognize it, realize its na- Do you see why “ me dita
tion”is and what they can demon-
ture, realize its function there, real- the major activity of an Infinite s trat
e—y oug owi thin.
ize why it was incarnated in us. Way student? Do you see why Everyone has the Kingdom, the
“Iin Thou and Thoui nme ”... these thoughts c an’tcome to you, fullness of the Kingdom, indwell-
realize why this Christ is incarnated while y ou’reout bustling in the ing —br ingit forth, bring it forth.
in us, and then exercise it every hurly-burly of the world? Until God gave you dominion in the be-
single day of your l ife.Youwon’ t you’ vehad a sufficiently long time ginning: God gave you HIS Mind,
do it without exercising it, you lose to dwe llin me di t
on,Idon’ t HIS Life, HIS Soul, HIS Spirit, even
it just like you lose your franchise mean long periods of meditation the substance of HIS body is your
of citizenship, if you don’ texercise but I mean a period like a year or body. You by exercising domin-
it. Some thing ’l
lc ome a long two, to get used to the fact that ion, bring it forth from within you.
some body ’llcome along, and take your wisdom comes from within (pause)
it away from you. Only, in the case you, from within your own con- Above all, you are not seeking a
of dominion, nobody will ever take scious ne ss—t o whe r
ey ou a re temporal kingdom, you are not
your dominion away from learning to draw it up from within seeking a temporal powe r—j ust
y ou—y ou’ lljust cheat yourself of yourself. The ny ou’llfindt hati n God’ sGr ace,God’ sGr ace .You
the joy and the benefit of exercising your meditations, every Divine idea don’ t even have to think of it as the
it. It will always be with you, be- necessary for you to have will word “ powe r,” because this is
cause it is spiritually promised to come forth. Youc an’tg eti
toutof sometimes misleading, and the
us: “Iwill never leave you, I will the world, and I ’ l
ltell you why: minute we think of “ God’sPowe r”
be with you to the end of the world; everything t hat’sout in the world . . we think in some terms of “ tem-
I am come in you, that you might belongs tos ome body ,a ndy ou’ l
l poral power. ”I t
’smuc he a siert o
have life, and that you might have either be struggling to take it away think of it as “God’ sGrace,”rather
itmor eabundant ly.
” from them, or praying to God to than “ God’ sPowe r.”God’ sGr ac e
It is up to you to exercise this, deliver it to you. God’ sLove—wewa nttol iveby
work with it, think with it, live with Now t hat’
snot the way. The Grace, we want to live by Love.
it—j us ta brief period out of each way is to discover that God consti- “Notby might, not by power, by
24 hours. And then find that tutes your individual being, God is God’ sGrace,byGod’ sLov e ”...
y ou’ renot sitting back supinely your life, God is your mind. Now all of which is embodied within
like this, waiting for the world to get inside of your mind, and draw me. It does not come to you, it
do something to you, you are out in forth its treasures: “openout a way flows out from you—through your
the world, and your God-given for the imprisoned splendor to es- recognition of it, through your ex-
dominion is doing it through cape .” But do it first by realizing ercise of this dominion. (long
y ou—a ndeverybody in the world “theKingdom of God is within pause)
knows it, and they soon see that you”. . . and whatever of good is to And now, you can understand
they c an’ tstep on your toes. come into my life, must well up from this, what the Master meant
The re ’saf lashi ny oure yest hat from within me. And it must give when he said “MY Peace give I
lets ’e mknow how far they can go, me Divine ideas, new ideas, it must unto you, not as the world gi v eth”.
and no further. Why? Because give me strength, it must “go be- . . “ MY Peace. ” Now t his“ MY
God and God’ sGrace shines out fore me to make the crooked places Pe ace”i salreadye stabli
she dwi thin
through your eyes. I t’
se vide nt that straight .” Always let this impris- you, it has been given to us “i nthe
you don’ t want what anyone else oned splendor escape, instead of beginning before Abraham was .”
has got, i t’sevident that y ou’renot looking out here and expecting it to It isn’tsome t
hi ngy ou’
reg oingt o
plotting and scheming to take away come from “manwhose breath is get today, it isn’tsomething y ou’ re
from anybody e l
se—t hatall you’ re in his n os t
.” Eve ni fi t
’sy our gonna get tomorrow, it i sn’tsome-
doingi s“ beingmi ght ys uret hat wife, or your husband, or your thing y ou’ regonna get with reading
man doe s
n’ tgovern you, only God child, or your parent, wha t’sthe so many pages of abook...“ MY

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Pe ace”is established in you from And then discover, that it is it, 20, 30, 40 times through the day,
“be foret hewor l
dbe gan. ” Wha t literally true: this Christ Peace for so that you can really say at night:
you’ regoing to do is recognize that which the world is wa i
ng —i s “ Ihave prayed without ceasing, I
the Master said “MY Peace is given already here; this Christ Kingdom have kept my mind stayed on
unt oy ou.” And again, going for which so many people in the Tr uth.” And then find how, you
within realize it: “TheChrist Peace world are wa iti
ng —i t
’ sall estab- become God-governed through
is established within me, I do not lished right here, within you; “the that. Buti t’sa l
laque stion of
know what form it assumes in the Kingdom of God is within “ y ou,”and “ your activity in con-
wor ld,be causei tisn’ttheki ndof y ou—ope noutawayf ort hisi m- sc ious nes s.

peace the world can g ive.” But pr isone ds pl
endort oe scape .
” Thank you, thank you, we ought
each day let us retire within for one And meditation is the means, to really play marbles this after-
minute, to realize: “ Chr i
s tPeace is goi ngwi thine achda y ,e venifi t
’s noon, or bring knitting or some-
established within me, and flows one minute, two minutes at a time, thing.
forthf romme .” 10 seconds at a time, but repeating

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