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Name: Lindsey Voge

Lesson Topic: Basketball – Attacking the Basket and Jump Shot

Ohio PE Standard(s) addressed in the lesson:

1B Fundamental manipulative skills 2B Knowledge of critical elements


Activity/Content Development



Teaching Cues




Knockout Shooting game

. Everyone forms a line

If only 2 baskets, two

Line up behind the

Critical Elements of

at the free throw line. The first two in line each have a ball.

players can share a

a Jump Shot:

The first person shoots, and as soon as the ball hits the rim the second person can shoot. If you miss, you can rebound and shoot again. The object of the game is to make it before the person in front of you and “knock them out” of the game. Once out, go to the side and wait for the game to end.

basket. If 4 baskets, each player can go to their own basket.

free throw line, first two with a ball.

free throw line, first two with a ball.

Ball balance on one hand Eyes on the target Make and “L” with elbow

Ball rests on fingers


We are going to focus on shooting a jump shot

Lift with legs

and the offensive tactic of attacking the basket.

Follow through

Has anyone ever heard of BEEF? Balance, eyes, elbow, follow through.


(flick wrist) toward target

Let’s each get a ball and stand a couple feet back from the


basket and practice short-range shots using BEEF.



Baseline shooting drill:


Start out under the

Players organized in

When close to

Players in two even lines behind the basket. One player will run a small circle to the opposite side, at the block, and will receive a

basket. After a couple rounds of

two even lines behind the basket.

basket, remember to use top corner of

pass and take a bunny shot and rebounds their shot. The player

each player getting to

the square to

that passes the ball will run around to the opposite block and

shoot, move back a

that passes the ball will run around to the opposite block and shoot, move back a

“bank” it in.

shoot, rebound and pass to the first person in the opposite line that they just came from.

couple steps and keep moving back until at the top of the key.

Remember BEEF


  • 10 Spot Shooting Drill:


If students want it to be

10 spots around the

Remember to use

Each player gets a ball, there will be 10 spots laid out on the court and each player should go around and shoot once at each of the

competitive, they can compete to make the

court, players moving from spot

proper form (BEEF)

  • 10 spots, tracking how many they made if they want to compete

most out of 10 or they

to spot.

Balance, eyes,

against each other.

can just shoot without

elbow, follow



counting. through



Pump-fake, dribble, and shoot:


Add in pump fake

After shooting once at each spot, go back through and pump fake a shot and dribble either right or left and shoot. Go around the 10 spots again, doing a pump fake, dribble and shoot.



Partner Shooting:


Students can modify this

Two students per

Remember BEEF.

One partner will pick a spot they feel like working on and shoot there for 30 seconds while the other partner rebounds for them.

on their own, if they want to short shorter-

basket, shooting from spots of their

Use your legs when shooting longer-

After 30 seconds, partners will switch roles and the other person will get to shoot. We will do this from 3 different spots.

range shots or longer-


range shots.


range shots they are free to do so.

range shots they are free to do so.



Tip-It Game:


If tipping it in is too

Two students at the


Two players form a team, one at each corner of the top of the key. The other two players form a team, one by each block. The two

they go back to 15.

hard, they can simply get the rebound and shoot a

corners of the top of the key.

Remember BEEF Use your legs

players up top will take turns shooting back and forth from the spot that they’re at. For every time they make it, they score 2

bunny shot. This makes it very easy, though.

Two rebounders, one at each block.


points. They add up their points and are trying to get 21. If they

Time your rebound

miss, the two players down by the basket are waiting for a

miss, the two players down by the basket are waiting for a Tip-it in

Tip-it in

rebound and must “tip-it” it for 1 point by jumping up for the rebound and shooting it back into the basket while they are still in the air. If they successfully “tip-it” in, they get to switch roles with the other team and get to shoot up top and try for 21. Points stay with each team until they reach 21. If a team goes over 21,



3-Point Shooting Contest:


We could make this a

Two teams of two,

Use your legs for

Two teams, one ball per team. Each team has their own basket and starts at the same spot. Start at one baseline and work your way around the 3-point arc to the other baseline, stopping at 5 different spots. Each player will shoot at each spot. The first player shoots and rebounds then passes to the other player who shoots then passes to the next. Each team will count each shot

shorter-range shot if someone wasn’t strong enough to shoot a 3- point shot.

at separate baskets. Spots will be down around the arc. Start at one baseline, end at the other.

power BEEF Aim for front of the rim Take your time

that they make aloud so the other team can hear. Whichever team gets the most made shots wins. This is not a race. Each team will take the same number of shots so rushing is not necessary.

that they make aloud so the other team can hear. Whichever team gets the most made



Closure What does the B in BEEF stand for? (Balance)


Everyone in a semi-

Answers to CFU:

Someone else, the E? (Eyes)

throw shooting and Lay-Ups.



Someone else, the other E? (Elbow)


And the last person, the F? (Follow through)


What else should we remember to use when shooting long-

Follow through

range shots especially? (Our legs)

Use legs

Good job today, now Danny is going to teach about Free