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Asexual: a person who generally does not

experience sexual attraction.
They are often nicknamed aces.

Dont ask

if they reproduce by themselves. You know thats not what it means and its not funny.
if they think theyre better than you because they dont have sex.
if they just had a bad sexual experience.

Its not the same as celibacy.

Celibacy is a choice, whereas

asexuality is a sexual orientation
(and therefore not a choice).

Romantic attraction may still exist.

Asexuals may still experience

romantic attraction, and that can be
to anyone.
Biromantic, homoromantic,
heteroromantic, panromantic, etc.

Asexuals may also NOT experience

romantic attraction this is called
being aromantic.

Sex drive is different from sexual attraction.

Arousal is a physiological response to stimulus. It doesnt have to have anything to do

with sexual attraction, which is how you feel.

Some asexuals masturbate and/or have a sex drive, and some dont. Either way it
doesnt invalidate their identity as ace.

Asexuality isnt a mental disorder or illness.

This myth is just as harmful as

saying youve got a mental illness
to any other member of the queer
community for their identity.

The Ace Spectrum

Grey asexuals only experience sexual attraction rarely or under very specific
Demisexuals only experience sexual attraction to a specific person after the creation of a strong
emotional bond (such as falling in love) but otherwise being functionally asexual.