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Gloria Antonio, Instructor

CNA Program Delano Adult School

Elena T. Spice
Nursing Student

Module 15 Homework Nursing Care Plan

PATIENT NAME: John Smythe (pseudonym)
Patient I.D. S0005558888

DOB: 04/15/1971
Room # 308

Diabetes, chronic kidney disease, peripheral vascular disease resulting in double lower extremity amputation below knees, anemia, hypoglycemia,
obesity, arterial fibrillation, fatigue.

Nursing Diagnosis
Fatigue due to Insomnia.

Pt. will report restful sleep by


Perform any necessary care

measures before bedtime.
Light bedtime snack.
Close the door to pt.'s room. Turn off
all electrical devices or keep volume
low as Pt. prefers.
Ask staff to avoid unnecessary
talking/noise outside Pt.'s room.