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A man in his dressing gown comes down the stairs and into
his kitchen where he begins to make a cup of tea. As the tea
is brewing he turns on the radio and we hear a news report.
(From the radio) 6 of the virus. There has
been a confirmed estimate of 3000
deaths in the UK alone. Riots have
broken out across all the major
cities. The government has issued a
state of emergency and is advising
everyone to stay in doors. It is
important to lock all windows and
doors. The university of Cambridge
issued this statement early this
(From the radio)
What has been happening in this
past week is devastating and we
have come forward to take full
responsibility for this outbreak.
This virus was created in our
laboratories, however no one could
foresee the crisis it has brought
the nation. We did our best to
contain the virus, however we
failed. We apologize, not just to
the government, but to the public
as well. Researchers have noticed
the symptoms of the virus which
include zombie like characteristics
for example fast and frigid
movement, hunger for flesh and
inability to think rationally...
(From the radio)
If you see anyone with these
symptoms do not approach them. I
repeat do not approach them. They
are no longer the same person. If
you exhibit any cuts or open flesh
wounds, go to your nearest hospital
or GP to be treated and covered to
reduce any risk of contamination
and infection.
On the window of the kitchen, a bloody hand print is placed
onto the frosty glass.