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ALMOST GROWN lick halfway through the solo (as mentioned in the Introduction). Note the “descending double-stop Words and Music by Chuck Be Moderate shuffle beat (spoken) You know I'm al- most grown. ‘Yeah'n’ I'm do-in’ all right in school, They ain't said | broke nto (2) Got my-self a lit tle (3) (Piano solo) (a) Ah, she’s really out ofthis But | done mar-ried and — set-tled je) | ain't. nev - er been in Vm gon- na buy me a world. When 1 take her to a Now | real ty have a 12 3 1 don’t browse a - round too much. drive my girl ine tape Don't both - er me,leaveme a - she's got - ta talk about ro- mance. (us) tus) so | don’t browse a-round at all. To.oo D 8 eco most grown, 2.1. don’t run a-round with mob. Guitar Solo 3. (iano solo) S f sir, c ——3— -—s—_, =k £ £ t= st