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'Panmonism' shares four major aspects. Art, science,

engineering and education are introduced through
concert, exhibition, lecture and seminar.
Opening of the event is concert premiere of
microtonal compositions for piano, bass, percussion,
fretless guitar and string quartet. The last
composition introduces new electronic microtonal
keyboard prototype.
Exhibition consist of photography and sculptures in
wood, metal and glass. Special part of exhibition
introduces drawings made by machines. Machines in
working mode will be installed as a part of exhibition
as well.
Lecture and seminar consist of music, mathematics
and engineering including historical background,
analyses and explanations of all introduced works
and exhibits.
The project takes its title from Greek 'pan' - 'all' and
'monos' - 'single'. Panmonism shows in a very simple
way that the difference between music and
mathematics is not in structure but in our perception.
What is common to both is endless possibilities of
use and, unfortunately misuse.