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Activity: Complete and continue this Halloween story

The House on the hill
Last Halloween , I went trick-or-treating with my best friends_____Laura_______ and
Our pillowcases were full of candy and it was getting late, so my friends wanted to go
I wanted a few more chocolate bars so I turned to my friends and said 'Let's knock on a
few more doors on the other side of _______________before we head for home'
They thought it was already too late but I told them not to worry because I knew a
shortcut through the old forest .
We walked for about ten minutes and then , suddenly, I felt very strange. I couldn't
remember the way! It was dark and foggy. We were lost . And, to make matters worse ,
it started to rain cats and dogs.We wandered around in the rain for over half an hour .
We were shivering with cold. And then, at about midnight, I saw an old abandoned house
on a hill.

Two months ago , an old woman told us a story about this house:
In the past, there was a mad house in that place. An insane woman escaped
from there . The policed looked for her everywhere but they couldn't find
her.Then , some time later, a very rich couple bought the house. When the
woman knew about the story of the insane woman who escaped from there ,
she was scared. So , her husband bought her a dog so that she could feel
protected because he worked at nights.Every night, the dog licked the
woman's hand until she fell asleep.This way she knew she wasn't alone.
One night, She woke up in the middle of the night and the dog
wasn't around. She went to the attic and she found the dead dog. She was
very scared. Then, she realized that she didn't have her wedding ring on
her finger and went to the bedroom again There ,she found a note on her
bed that said:
' An insane woman also knows how to lick a hand'
This story was written by: Blanca Lepe Lpez e Irene Rivero Tena.