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Superintendent of Schools Lansing School District July 1, 2015 ~ June 30, 2018 CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT ‘Superintendent of Schools Lansing School District Itis hereby agreed by and between the Board of Education ("Board") of the Lansing School District (District or "School Board”) and Yvonne Caamal Canul_ (hereinafter "Administrator’) that pursuant to Section 1229(1) of the Revised School Code, the Board in accordance with its action found in the minutes of its meeting held on iJilf_does hereby Continue the employment of the Administrator for an additional three-year period commencing fon July 1, 2015 and ending on June 30, 2018 according to the terms. and conditions a8 described and set forth herein. The District and Administrator are colectively referred to on ‘occasion inthe Contract of Employment as "each Party" or “the Parties." 1. __Dulies. Administrator shall perform the duties of Superintendent as prescribed by the Board and as may be established, modified, and/or amended from time to time by the Board for ‘the period of July, 2015 through June 30, 2018; Administrator acknowledges the ultimate authority of the Board with respect to her responsibilities and directions related thereto I Is the intent of both partes thatthe Board will undertake to identily @ successor superintendent by January 1, 2018, to be in place no later than June 30, 2018 and, correspondingly, Superintendent agrees to faciitate this transton and avoid duplicative administrative costs by Voluntary resigning from the position of Superintendent and terminating all employment with the District effective on or after January 1, 2018, as set forth in Paragraph 9 herein, 2 Qualifications. Administrator represents. that she possesses, holds and will maintain all conficates, eredantale and qualifications required by low, including tho proviione of Sections 1246 and 1696 of the Revised School Code, the regulations of the Michigan Bepartment of Education, and those required by the Board to serve in the postion assigned. Administrator agrees, @s' condition of her continued employment, to meet end maintain ali Certification and continuing education requirements forthe position assigned, as are and may be required by law andlor by the State Board of Education, including a residency provision of iving within 20 miles of the Disticts boundaries. if at any time Administrator fais to maintain all certiates, credentials, continuing education requirements and/or qualifications forthe position assigned as required herein this Contract shall automaticaly terminate and the Board shall have no futher ligation hereunder. 3. Faithful Performance, Administrator agrees to devote her talents, sills, efforts and ‘bites toward competently and proficient fufiling all duties and responsblties of the position ‘assigned. Adminisator agrees fo faithfully perform those duties assigned by the Board and to Comply with the directives of the Board with respect thereto. Further, Adminstrator agrees to ‘compiy with and full all responsibities and tasks required by state and federal law and regulations and by the Board to carry out the educational programs and polices of the School Distict during the entice term of this Contract. Administrator agrees that she will dligently and competently discharge her duties on behalf of the School District to enhance the operation of the School Distiet and will use her best efforts to maintain and improve the qualty of the programs and services ofthe Schoo! District. 4. Salary. Administrator shall be paid at an annual (twelve month) salary rate of not less than one hundred eighty thousand and no/100 dollars ($180,000) in consideration of her performance of the duties and responsibilties of the position assigned in conformance withthe requirements and expectations of the Board. The annual salary shall be paid in twenty-six (26) ‘equal bi-weekly installments beginning with the commencement of the fscalcontract year (July ‘nue 30) ‘The Board hereby retains the right to increase the annual salary of Adminstrator during the term of this Contract. Consistent with the provisions of Section 1250 of the Revised School Code, Administrators job performance and job accomplishments will be significant factors in termining any adjustment to Administrator's compensation. Any increase in salary made during the term ofthis Contract shal be in the form of a writen amendment and when executed bby Administrator end the Board, shall become a part ofthis Contract. 5. MPSERSiRetirement Contribution. The District is @ Michigan public school reporting unit under the Michigan Public School Employee Retirement System ((MPSERS"), Administrator is a retires of the MPSERS and has previously contributed to the MPSERS under the member investment plan MIP"), For such periods of post-retirement employment with the District under this Agreement that Administrator is not entiied to elect a new final average compensation or ‘additional service credit under the MPSERS, Administrator will not earn service credit, and ‘Administrator and the District will not make contributions to the MPSERS on Administrators behalf. In the event Administrator's post-eticement employment with the District under this ‘Agreement renders Administrator entited to elect to have her retirement allowance under the MPSERS recomputed based on the added credit endior the final average compensation resulting from her added service with the District, or both, the parties agree that Administrator shall be solely responsible for the payment of any costs or fees required to qualify for a recomputation of Administrators retirement allowance and that the District shall have no ‘obligation to make any payment to Administrator orto the Office of Retirement Services ("ORS") (on behalf of Administrator. Tax Annuity (403(b)). ‘The Schoo! District shall annually contribute, Thiry-Four ‘Thousand and no/100 dollars ($34,000) to @ 403(b) retirement plan (7403(0) Plan") of the ‘Administrators choosing. The payments fo the 403(6) Plan wil be made on a pro rata monthly basis for each month actually worked. All payments under this Paragraph No. 6 are intended as remuneration payable to Administrator for services actualy performed by Administrator under this Contract of Employment. 7.__52-Weeks and Vacation/Personal Days. Administrator is employed on the basis of fity- ‘wo (52) weeks of work per contractfiscal year (July 1 through June 30) as scheduled by the Board, Administrator shall be granted vacation time of 25 paid vacation days per fiscal year ‘exclusive of legal holidays and three (3) additonal paid personal days. Vacation days and ‘personal days shall be used within the fiscal year for which they are made availabe. However, ‘when Administrator's workload does not allow for use of all available vacation days under this ‘Agreement, Administrator may, with approval of the Board President, rol-over up to ten (10) vacation days not used in one fiscal year for use in the immediate successor fiscal year. Unused vacation days are eligible for pay-out upon termination af employment up to a maximum (of 20 unused vacation days, Unused personal days are not eligible for roll-over or pay-out ‘Administrator shall schedule use of vacation days and personal days in a manner to minimize interference with the orderly operation and conduct of business of the School District. All ‘Scheduling of vacation days and personal days is subject tothe approval of the Board president. If Administrator voluntarily resigns between January 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018, pursuant to Paragraphs 1 and 8, her vacation days and personal days shall be prorated for weeks actually worked Setoo itt