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Cory B. Reta Sore Manager Sores Owned pera by Mycota, E-Mobile | Tuoi do15 85 Futon Set | Beat, NY 11201 Ste (1618521619 ‘ethan bowrZ38e eco (ester Cae (00997-2987 DeALanse 3161 ¥ - Mobile- Dennis k Reta Sore Operator 1 ‘Sores OnnedOperted by Mycauly ne Foie 4015 438 Fon Steet Store (r81521619 Brot NY 1201 Main eer (175486055 DcALeens #31611 - -Mobile- Rear!» ‘Sales Representative ‘Sores OwrectOperated by Myatusy. he i Foo 4015 425 Futon Seat 5) Booty NY 1201 Retain senate cm Cusomer Care: 0057-087 (OCALicnse wate ——— ee ee @ DCA License Number 1311611 Register #1 ‘Trang #2467 IKLYN, NY 11201-5169 rie 10-2014 1739515 (718) 852-8561 a ANGELA MARIN Mobile #: MENEIIRE _Account No Sales Rept: 3629021 ‘Purchases Not on Tastallment Quantity Unit SKU Description Price Extension (elects Any Discount) : 1 EACH 777260R04s MICROSIM PLUG 128K T-MOBILE 0.00 ‘00 UICC 2013 Serial # 8901260113764223829F Mobile Number: 3477917588 Post paid Activation Not Discount Eligible Sale Amount 9.00 TAX 0.00 @ 875% 0.00 o ____ Purchases Not on Installment Total 0.00 Installment Purchases Quantity” Unit SKU Description Price Down Payment (Reflects Any Discounts) 1 EACH 00000610214636973 ALC 7040T LT FIERCE 2. NAVY KIT 126.00 1200 Serial # 014053000868813 “Mobile Number: 3477917584 Post paid Activation Not Discount Eligible Sale Amount 126.00 TAX 126.00 @ 8.875% tae Installment Purchases Total 137.18 Purchases Not on Installment Installment Purchases Down Payment Total TAX 126.00 @ 8.875% ‘Total Paid Today | ash | Change Due oa | its your phone, make it your own with T-Mobile acessories! shop for cases chargers, headsets, memory and more at your T-Mobile store, or vst ws online a ware T-Mabile.cum + TT have purchased a device or accessory under E1P, I will refer to my ETP agreement for the specific terms and conditions of k that program. + Service availability and usage limits vary sce your plan for details. Partial minutes rounded up, and data usage rounded up to ‘nearest KB. Data roaring net available fr prepaid plans. No cash value; no tefunds. Not able iflost/stolen + Activation or use of T-Mobile service is your agreement to T-Mobilés Terms and Conditions and any terms specific to your rate plan, + T-Mobile requires ARBITRATION of Disputes UNLESS, for new customers, YOU OPT OUT WITHIN 30 DAYS. (OF ACTIVATION, of for existing customers, you previously opted out pursuant to T-Mobile's Terms and Conditions. For details and to review T-Mobile's Terms and Conditions vist wwe. T-Mobile com/terme-conditions + Plan features apply to service on T-Mobile's Network in the US. For international add-on features, calls must originate on T Wn | Mose 01s 2) vcauemerneaslli 435 FULTON sT Register #1 BROOKLYN, NY 11201-5169 Transszde?—- (718) 852-1619 oD Fax: (718) 852-8561 ANGELA MARIN Mobile #: SUNIEIEIP Account No: ano Sales Repf: 3629021 ‘Mobile's Network inthe US and text messages mus originate in the US. International roaring rates apply. For Int Talk & Text add-on feature, international alin s unlimited to landlines select countries if adds to an unlimited domestic calling plan, but decrements ‘nutes ifadded toa limited minute plan (domestic overage rates apply); text messaging applies o mobilephone only ther types of international messages (eg. picture messages are charged per message. See www-T-Mobile com for te of countries. + Data plans may have throughput and other limits including Rate Plan Allotments. Domestic Off-Network data Allotments are: (1) SMB if my data plan has 1MB to 199MB of fll speed data; (2) 1OMB if my data plan has 200MB to 1.99GB of fll speed data; (3) 50 MB if my data plan has 2GB to 4.99GB of fll speed data, or if my data plan has Unlimited Nationwide 4G data; (4) 100MB if my data plan has SGB to 9.99GB of full speed data: or (5) 200MB i my data plan has 10GB of data and above. Device Refund or Exchanges. Device. To receive a refund or exchange a Device, you can only return or exchange the Device within 14 days ofthe purchase date ofthe original Device. You may return a Device without cancelling your service activation or ‘upgrade service contract extension, If you exchange your Device, he 14-day period is not extended and continues to ran from the date you purchased the original Device. Requirements for All Device Refunds and Exchanges: You must return your Device in its package with ll original contents, undamaged and in good working condition with no material alterations to the Device's, hardware or software, and you must provide the original receipt. You must return all Devices tothe Sales Channel (ie, retail store, ‘Web, T-Mobile customer service, etc.) through which you received the Device. All Devices, accessories, or other items received as Part ofa promotional offer (eg, "Buy One Get One” etc.) must be returned for a refund or exchange. Offers that provide you with a discount on a Device, service, accessory or other item or feature (eg. “Buy One Get a Discount on Another’, et.) will result in you ro longer remaining eligible forthe discount, and you may be charged the difference between the discounted price and the regular price. Limited Edition and some other Devices may not be refunded or exchanged. You may also be required to pay a restocking fe as follows: The restocking fee shall be $75 for advanced, data-focused devices that are designed for web browsing (eg, tablets, netbooks); the restocking fe shall be $50 for “smart phone’ devices, which are high end phones that are designed for web and social media use in addition to standard phone features such as voice and text messaging: and forall other devices, the restocking {ce shall be $25 (eg. basic phone devices, data sticks), ‘Accessories. To receive a refund of any accessories purchased, you must return the accessories within 30 days of purchase with your original sales receipt tothe Sales Channel (ie. retail store, Web, T-Mobile customer service, etc) through which you purchased the accessories. Prepaid services, e~coupons and gift cards are non-refundable.