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Sheet 2

Please answer to the following questions:

1) According the outputs, how many patients show up at the clinic in four weeks?
The total number of patients that show up at the clinic are 875.

2) How many patients are taken care of in four weeks?

Total patients taken care are 723.
3) How many patients are transferred to a hospital with the ambulance?
Patients transferred to the hospital are 4.
4) Which is the less utilized resource and why?
Dr Robert Keller is the least utilized resource because he has the most idle time in the
Resource states by percentage (82.88%). So he is free 88.88% of the time.
5) Is this process demand constrained?
Yes the process is demand constrained, because the average time per patient depends on the
number of incoming patients.

6) Why is Dr. Keller the one that has the most idle-time even if he undertakes multiple
activities (while his colleagues just do visits) and his activities take the most time?
Even with multiple activities, Dr Robert Keller has the most idle time because he has the least
number of patients, only 4% patients visit doctor,

7) Mr. Carey firmly believes that the phone calls to contact relatives of patients who need to
be transferred to the hospital need to be made by the Desk employees; yet, Ms. Reynolds
thinks that it is Dr. Keller who hast to make these phone calls. Provide a possible
rationale supporting both opinions.
Mr Carey believes that the DP should make the phone call because that is what they do and they
have to take care of all the secondary work. But Ms. Reynolds think that Dr. Keller should make
the call because he is free most of the times and it would not make much of a difference
moreover the Desk personal would have to come all the way to Dr Kellers room (assuming that

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the phone is kept in Dr. Kellers room) and then make the phone call, while that would increase
the wait time for the patients as well.
8) Provide the rationale for your improvement

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