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Electrical Trades Union of Employees Queensland Branc (0, 41 Pool Street South Brisbane 0.4101 P. PO Box 3520 South risbane Q 4101 1. 07. 9846 2477 | F. 07. 3844 9851 E, info@etuorgau |W. waww.etuorgau | Pease adres all correspondence to the Secretary: .J. SIMPSON ‘ABN: 80450 640 455, Hon Tim Nicholls MP Member for Clayfield Treasurer of Queensland GPO Box 611 Brisbane QLD 4001 12" November 2014 By email: olls@ministerial Re: National Partnership Agreement on Asset Recycling Intergovernmental Agreement On federal financial relations Dear Sir, Further to my most recent, and as yet unanswered correspondence, of 20th October 2014 (resent to you via email on the 4"* November 2014) I wish to add another query. As you are aware, the Queensland Government is a signatory to the COAG National Partnership Agreement (NPA) (published 2“ May 2014) on ‘Asset Recycling’. use the term ‘asset recycling’ only in specific reference to the title of the NPA. In my view the title is deliberately misleading because the primary purpose of the fund is not to recycle state owned assets, but rather to facilitate their sale and privatisation via commonwealth financial inducements. A majority of the federal Senate seemed to concur with that view when it voted earlier this year in July to amend the title of the Asset Recycling Fund Bill 2014 to include the words “encouraging privatisation” to its title. With reference to the COAG agreement, the NPA states: (Page 2 — Section 4) 4. Under this Agreement, references to the sale of an asset may include alternative ways of unlocking funds from State-owned assets as agreed between the relevant Parties, including long-term leasing. Gold Coast ‘Sunshine Coast 0. 6/39 Bueock St, Toowoomba 0. 19A Russel St Tooweomia | 15 Executive ri Buwieigh Wels | 7 07,55326603 | 07.8528 1689 |. golicomtOeuaaau |. 07.5941 6927 IF, 07.5961 8950 |, sstoastGetuogay errba BC O-4950 | T. 07 4698 9319 202610 | E, toownombe@etuagal ~~ Giostone 0.11 Heber Stet Gasne | PORO9GasoneQ4860 | OT.ATROITS | ROTATE |. gtoreGeu atau —Tosktonpion 0 10 Cane Stet Rctangon IP. TiOCanpal te akeangn |. 748077587 f o7.4927 180 |e thanpinet pan “ackay 0.41 Betae Stee Naoay | -F. POBDYTESANeiay 4740 |. O7.AGGEATOO | O7.AOSS4EHO | —E maceyOeuogal — ‘Townsville 0. 64 Ross River Road, Mundingburra | P. PO Box 5800 Townsville 4810 TT, 07, 4728243 IF 07.4728 2007 | E. Cairns 0. 26725.Gaftn Set, Cains 1. POBoxS222 Cains 0487 1 07.4051 34721 3602 | E calmeGetorg.ay Horthesn Warvlesy 0. iat oor 38 Woods Street Darwin TT 08 8041 2300 B08 1770 Garwintetucorgau This clearly establishes that the Agreement by very definition confirms that long term asset leasing arrangements, such as those proposed by your government, are in fact asset sales. Additionally, as you will no doubt recall, you yourself stated on the parliamentary record in Queensland on 23" March 2010 ‘As anyone would know if they had observed the privatisation of assets, a 99-year lease is as good as giving away the farm, which is what is occurring here.” Despite this it appears your government has attempted to deliberately deceive the people of Queensland by stamping ‘No Asset Sales’ on the cover of the Strong Choices plan, and made ‘no asset sales’ a key theme in the expensive taxpayer funded television, radio and print advertisements that are currently blanketing Queensland, In order to try and reconcile these clearly conflicting positions, can you please confirm that you believe the definition in the Commonwealth NPA is erroneous, long term leasing is not an asset sale, and on that basis your government will not be seeking commonwealth funds under the NPA? Conversely if this is not the case, can you please confirm that your government agrees with the definition under the NPA that long term leasing is in fact an asset sale and you will be amending the Strong Choices Plan and future advertisements accordingly? It is imperative that questions such as these, along with those contained in my initial letter of 20 October 2014, are answered well BEFORE the next general election, in order to ensure Queensland voters have all of the facts before heading to the polls. I look forward to a prompt reply. Yours Sincerely, PJ. Simpson Secretary ‘utp:/Awww parliament ald nov au/documents/hansard/2010/2010 03 23 WEEKLY. pdt