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I want to visit Japan because its the land of ninja Warriors. I want to visit very place in
Japan, but in this essay i want to write about tree specific places. I want to write the
Osaka. I want to visit Hiroshima because Hirashima is a place beautiful and have a good
part of history. And finally a want to know Ujii, Its a little and nice town. Japan have more
place for visit, but for my essay I only write the more relevant place for me.

First, I want to start with Osaka. , In Osaka I want to go at the sumo tournament, is the
more big tournament in Japan, is celebrate in Oasaka because its the place whit the best
connection in japan, because is an industrial city. Osaka is the best place for eat sushi
because there is more variety of it, so it would be interesting try out the diverse flavors.
Moreover in Oasaka this the museum of art and in there are more culture exhibitions for
the same reason that the sumo tournament, so Oasaka is a good place for star the trip,
because is good idea star with the most abuzz in the first day.

Moreover, I want to visit Hiroshima because this city is localized in the delta Ota, and the
city is divided in 6 islands. Hiroshima for me is interesting because blank page part of
history of Japan, this city was the first atomic bombarding in history, the US attacked to
Hiroshima to be surrendered faster, and 120000 peoples died, and 360000 wounded.
Hiroshima have museums, the peace museum, and the contemporaneous art, is important
to said Hiroshima is world heritage, and I want to visit this place because the history the
place transcendent throughout history.

Third, I want to visit Uji, this place is a small town, is known for his famous tea production
and Japanese literature, so for me is very interesting this town because for me the
literature and tea they are good things for to visit.

Finally, I want to visit Japan because the culture, the history, the people and very things
more are very interesting, and different that my culture, the food.
I want to visit this places because is a perfect combination the culture and nature, the
cities and town. Japan is much extended but I think this place are sufficient for represent
the culture, the history in there.