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Creating a Group Code

This active learning method can be used to demonstrate the importance and benefits of
teamwork and that every individual has skills and attributes that they can contribute to their

Creating a Group Code aims to get young people to about values in general and what they
would like applied to their own group.

Ask the team to work as a whole group and construct a list of the things they value* e.g.
respect; consideration; fairness etc.
*Define Values: Values are things that people this have value or worth, such as beliefs,
attitudes or principles. They will act as glue that binds the team members together; they
might help them decide how to approach some of the work and make decisions about the
work later on. Please note that we are not talking about religious beliefs but with identifying
the common core values held by the group.
Divide into groups of 3-6 young people. Give each group the values list and post-its / sheets
of paper.
Allow twenty minutes during which each group should select what they consider to be the
five most important values and write one on each post-it or sheet of paper. They should
number the selected values 1-5 - with 1 being the most important.
Collate the post-its / papers on the wall. Bring all members together to discuss the selections
made and make a final list.
Review together a final list and establish if they are they consistent.
Ask the group to consider what are the implications are for the project and their way of
working together as a team.
Look at the YSI Code of Good Practice which is based on the YSI core values of Respect,
Empowerment, Fairness, Innovation, Fun and Experiential Learning. This may be a good
starting point for the discussion or something with which to compare the values list created
by the team.

Young people recognise what values are and also establish what their team values are.

Materials required
Paper/Post-it notes, facility for recording team decisions.

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