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Howida Moustafa

Teaching Philosophy
Teaching is my calling, although I need a degree for a career in teaching.
This calling is one I strive to assume with imagination and love, and it is a
continuous adventure to discover new challenges. I always think how tomorrow I
can make my teaching better. I believe teaching requires the ability to create a
demanding, fair, and unique learning environment, to have the ability to encourage
learning. I believe in what John Dewey said, Education is not preparation for life;
education is life itself.
My teaching evolved with my reading of theoretical and empirical texts, and
with a growing awareness I gained in my studies at Kansas State University. There
I learned that no one method promises successful teaching, but many certain roads
lead to effective teaching. As a teacher myself, I believe teachers should try to
discover what is most effective for teaching. Teachers should not seek general
methods that provide complete mastery of teaching skills. Each teaching situation
is unique, requiring unique approaches. In many respects, the teacher I am today
has been shaped by my own education, which has equipped me with the tools to
create learning opportunities of value and power. Teaching requires the essential
skills of creating of learning opportunities, facilitating interaction, developing and
promoting learner autonomy, activating intuitive heuristics, and forecasting
learning awareness. All of this has strong implications for what should occur in my
I am mostly interested in developing students capacity to learn. Although it
is customary to distinguish teaching acts from learning acts, I see teaching as an
activity that creates learning opportunities, empowering students to receive and
acquire knowledge. However, I also believe creating learning opportunities is the
result of joint engagement in the classroom, so I treat classroom events that the
student and I create jointly. Again John Dewey said it best: Education is a social
process; education is growth.
My classroom is the place for demonstrating and exploring modes of
thinking and argument where students can see learn through interaction and
exchanging information. Every student is unique, with diverse needs and interests,
so I work hard to meet these needs. Second, my classroom is the place to ensure
that all students can reach their potential. An effective teacher assesses the needs
and possibilities of a learning situation using creativity and practice.

I am an educator who believes in what John Dewey said: If we teach

todays students as we taught yesterdays, we rob them of tomorrow. I will
continually modify my approach to find the best ways to teach in a world where
technology is constantly changing. I believe it is crucial to use technology to
improve educational strategies and maximize learning opportunities. As a future
educator, I plan to not only provide a successful learning environment using
technology, but also follow innovations in education and incorporate them in my
classroom to provide my students with a 21st century education.