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Visualisation Activity

This active learning can be used when the team is deciding what course of action to take.

To include all team members in the process, to appeal to all learning types and to focus on
their objectives.

This activity is done by each individual in the team.
The teacher or young person leads the activity and encourages each person to sit in a
comfortable position in silence and close their eyes.
Individuals try to imagine the future; what will the future be like; how would they like it to be?
Individuals listen to the questions that the teacher/ leader asks and try to visualize the
Teacher/ leader says: Imagine that you are at the end of the year and look back on this
What do you see?
What have you achieved?
How do you feel about it?
After the visualisation activity has taken place each person is asked to open their eyes and
write down a few key points or draw what they visualised.
Discuss the outcomes with the rest of your group they may be surprised that what may
seem like a dream now can become a reality.

Young people learn that their dreams can become a reality. They focus on their emotions
and how they feel/how they will feel about the project.

Materials required
Paper and Pens

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