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EEEB283 Electrical Machines and Drives Checklist for Chapter 1

Checklist for Chapter 1: Introduction to Machinery


Able to explain the magnetic circuit and its analogy with electric
Must know how to obtain and analyse the magnetic circuit of a
ferromagnetic core containing air gaps and current-carrying coils:
o Must know which direction flux is flowing out from a coil
carrying current.
o Must know how to represent a coil carrying current as an mmf
o Must know how to identify and breakdown sections of core and
representing it as a reluctance element.
o Look out for fringing effects, if included, and know how it will
affect air gap reluctance elements.
o Must know how to calculate tot , tot, Ftot (total mmf), in each
core leg, B in each core leg, gap and Bgap.

Must be able to explain hysteresis losses and eddy current losses in

ferromagnetic materials. What causes them? How to overcome them?
Must be able to explain the operation and perform analysis of a linear
DC machine when:
o Starting
o Acting as a motor
o Acting as a generator

Outcome achieved:
The ability to apply the basic theories of electromagnetism in
analysing electrical machines.
Dr. Ungku Anisa, UNITEN 2006