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Water Cycle

Nikki Hester

This water cycle image from Google is a great representation for children
because it makes the water cycle kid friendly. It does this by creating
characters as rain droplets. These character then travel at different
times/places on their journey of the water cycle. Also, it has labels that
explain the purpose of the images. For example, it has an image of the
water droplet characters and the caption says, the same water goes around
and around the earth in the water cycle. Also, it has a caption for the cloud
which says, clouds are made up of water vapor. After reading pages 133137 in our textbook, I have text-evidence that this statement is true. Under
the Cloud section it states, Is the general name for an air-mass, well
above ground or sea-level, in which water vapour has condensed to form
tiny, suspended droplets of liquid water or crystals of ice. Lastly, I love how
this water cycle image has a picture of a dinosaur which caption reads, long

ago dinosaurs may have drunk the same water we drink today. This
teaches children water is recyclable, which was stated in the text,
precipitation falling into the oceanis recycled directly Overall I agree
that this photo from Google is a strong source of the water cycle.
This photo does show some limitations. This water cycle only has the
dinosaur who represents how water is recycled, but it does not state
anywhere that the water cycle happens over a period of time. Another
limitation includes that water only flow from the river to the ocean. The
picture could be more specific in the captions. As the teacher I would share
this photo with my class and elaborate by incorporating literacy into this
science lesson. Then students will hear a story and paint an image in their
mind of what they picture the water cycle to be.