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Our school STEM Fair will be held during the week of _________________.

Winners will participate in the regional STEM Fair on February 4, 2015.

Date AssignedDue Date

Sept.8DUE Sept. 15
September 15DUE Sept. 22
September 22DUE Sept. 29
September 29DUE October 6
October 6DUE Oct. 13
October 13DUE Oct. 20
October 27DUE Nov. 3
November 3DUE Nov. 10
November 10DUE Nov. 17
Utilize this week to
finalize student STEM
Fair projects

Nov.17DUE Nov. 21
DATE: Nov. 21

Things to Do
Decide your topic and which question you will experiment.
Remember, your question must be TESTABLE and MEASURABLE. Begin
keeping a data log. Write in your data log.
Write the purpose for your experiment. Do any necessary research of
your topic. Write in your data log.
Write your hypothesis. Remember, this is a statement giving a possible
answer to the question that you are testing in your experiment. Write
in your data log.
Create a materials list of what you will need in order to conduct your
experiment. Begin to collect your materials. Write in your data log.
Create your VARIABLES list. Tell what the manipulated (independent),
responding (dependent), and constant (controlled) variables will be.
Write in your data log.
Write your step-by-step directions for your experiment. Be clear and
concise. Include specific details, numbers, etc! Write in your data log.
Create a data chart that you will use to collect your data. Begin (or
continue) to collect data for your experiment! Write in your data log.
Graph your data. Finish collecting data for your experiment! Create a
graph of the data you collected. Does your data call for a bar graph or a
line graph? Write in your data log.
Write your conclusion. Tell whether your data supported your
hypothesis or not. State unusual findings and explain what you
LEARNED from the experiment. Write in your data log.
Finalize experiment this week! Completed Data Logs are DUE!
Create your project display to showcase your experiment. Make sure
it is neat, organized, and attractive. Think of a catchy title for your
experiment. Make sure your data log is included.
Turn your completed STEM project and data log into your teacher.
Now think: What questions do you still have? How could you change
your experiment if you were to re-do it? Is there something else about
this topic that you want to investigate? Record lingering questions in
your science notebook for future experiements!

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