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Aavishkar Singhvi

hello tajinder ji, i am avishkar, sending you a message purely as a fellow

citizen about your reaction to this sex scandal. I am sure you are
concerned and angry, but is such a media hype about someones personal
life and vengeance of the driver of public interest? I am not talking as his
son but just a random person you may meet. Imagine if something like
this happened to you or your loved ones in the government where the
whole media thinks youre involved in a scandal with their doubts being
flashed on TV, would you let that change all the good things he has done
for the country for so many years for not getting any salary in return
from congress. he is one of the few people in our country who has only
gone into politics on his legal ability and merit and never ever ever ever
ever taken a bribe of even 50 paise, and that i can assure you swearing
on our gita that his only form of earning is from the legal profession. the
reason for me writing this message to you brother is not to give an
explanation or to fight or argue with you, its simply to plead to you to
urge you and your intelligent friends to realize two issues - !) the drivers
personal motive to prepare such a tape due to personal anger and
vengeance was purely personal and nobody knows the whole story of
what he did 2) the integrity of a un-corrupt man who is being dragged
into all sorts of false allegations by the use of a completely entrapped
episode. I understand your motivation to pursue corruption and be a
true nationalist but i just want u to spare a thought for the family and
my mother when she hears such exaggerated stories about someone she
saw in great light. hope you understand where i am coming from and
this is not about me defending my father it is more about understanding
public perception. thank you hope to hear from u ) namaste and my
sincere apologies if my family or this controversy have hurt any of your
sentiments,, i hope u don't stay angry with me coz i have just been
completely and candid.

Aavishkar Singhvi
buddy ?

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga

i aplosize if i hurt u,ur mother or ur family. my intentionas to not hurt u
or ur family. but to expose the corrupt system. i update one apology
message on my wall for the anty & singhvi's family. i can write this in pvt
but i write publically bcz i hurt u & ur family publically
(I apologize to wife & family of Singhvi if i hurt them with this
campaign. but they should understand this is not just a case of any
personal sex life, this is case of selection of judiciary via one type of
bribe. If the judiciary will be appoint via this way,how will they do
justice with the peoples.This is also one type of corruption & we Peoples
of India are frustrated with this corrupt system. our intentions are not to
hurt singhvi family, we just want to expose this corrupt system. because
this is hurting us, our family,our Nation.)
Aavishkar Singhvi
thank you so much for understanding tajinder ji, i appreciate your
message and i completely understand your emotions too being part of the
free democracy we live in, but to an extent if u notice this was a personal
fight between the driver and family fuelled by i dont know who! if we
allow things like this to be pursued there will be no ethics in society as
far the extent to exposing things would go which may be manufactured
and made to show something bad about a person. i think it every hiccup
in life teaches you a lot about you your family your friends and your true
surroundings, i deeply apologize again to you bro for this controversy
and i will personally make sure my father comes clean to give at least an
explanation to the media, if i can just as a friend urge you to whittle
down the online showing of the video it would be of great psychological
relief to me my mother and my brother and all my relatives, reason being
we are all very active online and just coming across that leaves deep
scars on all of us. thank you soo much buddy, hope we get to meet some
day in person!!
Aavishkar Singhvi
and brother let me assure u by swearing on everything that ever meant
anything to me my father is not involved in any judge appointment or
bribe taking ever ever.. he is not corrupt and he is never taken any of the

tax payers money , he is one of the few highest tax payers in the country
and bhai i hope u dont feel prejudiced
Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga
Dear brother,
Once again Kindly accept my heartfelt apologies if our recent activism
against the alleged CD case has hurt you and your family. I deeply regret
that and I can understand the pain your family might be going through.
However, having said that, I request you to understand that we are not
against any individual here.We are against the corrupts in government
and media who are crushing the voice of the common man. This is not
about one family but a greater extended one called India.
We can't give in to fear,greed or emotions when it's the question of a
billion people. So please try and think about them.
This CD may've been a result of a personal grudge of your driver against
your father but the case itself is not. This isn't the first such case as I'm
sure it wont be the last. Everyone has a right to protect their dignity and
had this been a private room affair I'd be the last person to speak about
it but brother this unfortunately is lot more than that as I'm sure you
know by now.
If I step back at this moment, people will lose faith in this struggle
against corruption in high offices. I have to keep going on for them,
carrying the guilt of hurting your family in the process. I sincerely hope
that your father comes out of this clean with proper investigation.
Hushing up the matter will absolve him legally, not in the eyes of the
public. That's the only reason we're not removing the video. Rest assured
the truth shall always triumph in the end, as it always.
Aavishkar Singhvi
thank you for a detailed explanation your views, it is important for
everyone to know what people say behind them and not just what they
tell them and that is why we are having a straight man to man common
talk. OK , i hope u feel that i am speaking like a common citizen of india
just like man others uninvolved in politics and unlike you and my father

and many other social workers because i have not attained any public
office. i am studying in university of warwick in my last semester doing
law llb from uk and this is after having finshed my first degree in
economics from university college london. I am only telling you this so
you dont think i am an illiterate voice begging for his cause. tajinder ji i
just want to clarify one issue to you that bro this i will prove to you with
utmost precision that this case is not of a corruption! bro i would not sit
here writing such long messages to you just berating you and trying to
give you knowledge when the damage already ha been done, about things
you already know better. rather i am just trying to explain to you that
the foundation of the reason why you are angry might be a little
misunderstood by a lot of people. for argument sake bro i could use
many many antics against everyone to defend ourselves but i am only
saying all this as a responsible citizen, son and concerned family member
(for my mother) to reduce the way your campaign is carried out. sir, let
me tell you once again, he is not corrupt, and not 'sifarshi' in anyway
whatsoever, the extent to which is liable is to owe his fellow countrymen
an apology regarding his dispute causing mental trauma to the
population. and I can see precisely why you are so motivted this menace
of corruption from society but sirji i want to tell you, SO ARE WE, my
father was until weeks earlier working day and night, sleepless to
personally with care and independent view drafted the lokpal bill against
corruption. you are smart enough to think sir tell me would he take on
such a demanding duty knowing he was spotless in his reputation.
imagine giving the same job to some of the other 'famous people' with
the same level of intellect.
therefore bro my only last request to you is to do your protest in a more
humble way because bro you might be really deeply hurting people deep
in their hearts by showing those things on social media. this is my only
request to you, he will i am sure come clean for all corruption charges
that any fellow brother of this country may have against him. i am not
against the fact that you are saying anything bro its only a little about
how you are saying it, and you have a right to look in to everything bro,
you are , as much as anyone a part of india. sorry to get emotional bro
just cant help it

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga

Hi brother,
thanks for understanding my stand on this. As again I'd reiterate this
isn't against an individual but rather against the system that tried its
best to bully us into silence. This is no longer about the CD case itself but
the bigger ramifications of it. Even if there was a chance to put curbs on
the spread of the said video, that ship has sailed now, unfortunately. Yes I
might have taken certain liberties at his expense as you might have
noticed in my tweets, but it was more because he is a part of the system
which is defiant to the people in its approach despite being neck deep in
corruption. We have to do this because the media has deliberately
decided to stay mum on it.
As far as the lokpal is concerned, it's a different matter altogether. The
government's version is unacceptable to the common man, it being a
'govt-friendly' version of the original draft, hijacked by the law experts
to twist it in favour of those in power in high offices. That makes the
entire crusade for lokpal a moot point. I won't say that being in Warwick
you're far fetched from realities of India but you have to be here to see
what we the people of India are going through. I do not speak for myself
here, but for every Indian in general when I say that people have clear
disdain for the current govt. and believe that the govt.'s lokpal bill was a
clear eyewash.
For example, if a plaintiff charges a govt. official on counts of corruption
and if the charges stick the accused shall be in prison for minimum 6
months..However, if by any chance the charges are proven false, the
plaintiff shall be in prison for minimum 2 years. In a perfect world this
can be a good measure to keep every other guy from trying to malign a
high official. However this world isn't perfect and the dices are always
loaded in favour of those with influence. Hence keeping such clauses will
keep a staggering majority of genuine cases from being reported for the
fear of this clause itself. This is just one such example and hence the
futility of govt. lokpal is evident to the people.
Coming back to the case, we have a reason to believe this is an instance

of corruption given the stakes involved (again, allegedly .. though the

talk in the video only makes the suspicion stronger ). However I've
avoided as much as I could, from mentioning it directly as it's a matter of
investigation and the core crux of the case, rest of it despite being in a
public office, is only secondary.
I've read your message and got what you want to say, I shall ensure I do
not hurt people in a way that's unwarranted and uncalled for. Thank you
for understanding our view and taking time out to point out your
concerns on the same. Appreciate the fact that you've been fair in your
concerns and yes I shall try to be more serious in my efforts. I sincerely
hope that all of this culminates in fair consequences for everyone
involved and as soon as possible.
Best Regards
Aavishkar Singhvi
thanks bro but I do not see making it a political issue by maligning his
reputation in public, the issues you are standing for can be argued
through civilized debates and constructive solutions wh do we always
have to go gunning for the system. i agree with you on several counts of
the lokpal but the major problem with that is that if each frivolous
allegation is allowed to succeed no party can ever stay in power and do is
dues for the country. i am very very happy if you fight corruption bro
but i assure you this is not a case of one again and again because i am
sure with all evidence- bro i am happy if you say anything you want but
only unhappy with the way it is said, and you might not believe what i
say but we all understand the religion of karma which means that u
should never knowingly hurt anyone. bro im sorry to sound
philosophical but that is why i believe i a might in justifying my
argument. and bro delhi is my home place i am soo close to it and its
people that nuthing can ever take tht away from me, so being in warwick
and london dusnt change much espeicially when u come back for almost
5 months and soon will be back for good. coming to my final point bro i
believe that finding solutions through peacefully talk and living together
is always better than the adversarial route. bro ive been reading some of

the posts bro, does he really deserve to be called those names for
something that is devoid of corruption? my last , humble , though is to
urge you to please atleast remove those links because 1) that is not right
on content grounds, 2) as a one way gesture of goodwill almost that will
go a long way and3) on grounds of humanity for your fellow human
beings. i am not even asking you to do so on other grounds such as it
being pornographic images and explicit content and it violates our cyber
law but just a request as a friend,, and there will be talk and the decisive
action taken i assure you but pls such things only show bad on the means
you are using to achieve your end! thank you brother that is as straight
as i can get no twoface bullshit out here,, peace and much respect!!
Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga
Dear brother,
As I said, any attempt to stop the video now will be too little too late.
As far as my stand is concerned, any withdrawal of video will be seen as
an about-turn by people who trust me to voice their opinion against this
all-powerful system. We would not be doing this if media of our country
did its due.
Anyway, in short, I understand we both have our reasons to stand by
what we believe to be true.
There shall be no more name-calling but I am helpless beyond that, so
the video stays.
I am really sorry about all the hurt this is causing your family but this is
a matter of grave national importance. I hope you'll understand that I
am being as peaceful as I can, so please let us continue our protest, rising
above personal feelings.

Aavishkar Singhvi

i wouldnt have said anything if the video was fine but

if it is fighting your cause by putting up pornographic
material then bro i think the ideology just needs a
little rethinking. I just feel that doing so you are only
inducing people to form pre conceived notions. if it is
to be fair then why not have a fair argument on a
social forum, but, just reading the filthy comments
people are only bringing the filth out of their minds
and feel nationalistic, but that my friend is not true
nationalism, and sounds like more like a political
attack to the least. I ve told you exactly how i feel and
if your true supporter really believe in you they will
stand for what you do not coz of the fact that you
have facilitated their viewing a prepared cd on
Abhishek singhvi. rest is all upto you bro, we will try
and do whatever we can in our way to reduce the
psychological suffering and pain caused by this
episode and look to make everything okay ut my
efforts to talk to you with utmost humility and respect
seemed to have failed! take care buddy hope u have a
great life thanks for the apologies im sure we we shud
be fine in time