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August 27th, 2014

Hello 4th Graders!

My name is Ms. Turner and I will be working alongside Ms. Kuntz for this school year.
Just like many of you, I am continuing my own education but within the profession of teaching.
Ms. Kuntz has been so kind to give me the opportunity to work with each and every one of you
and I am excited that our first day is finally here!

Here are just a few things you should know about me:

I attend Spring Arbor University where I will earn my degree in Elementary School
Teaching and the Spanish Language.

For my Spanish Language education, I went to a country called Guatemala that is located
below Mexico. (Can you find it on a World Map?)

I like to participate in many activities such as horse riding, dancing, singing, and

This past summer I celebrated my sisters wedding and . . .

The arrival of my little baby girl Elisa! (Pictured below!)

I am so excited to meet you and learn about you! We will see each other soon!

Ms. Turner

Dear Schall Teachers and Staff,

My name is Ms. Katelyn Turner and I am a Student Teaching candidate from Spring Arbor
University. This fall I will be participating in Ms. Kuntz classroom teaching the 4th Grade.
Whether or not I have been fortunate enough to meet you, I wanted to give you the opportunity
to learn a little bit more about me.
My education began in Pinconning, MI until the 4th Grade when I moved into my aunts
farmhouse. Christine Byers, who is now a retired High School teacher from Kingston, took in my
mother, my younger sister, and I. The reason for moving came from my mothers Multiple
Sclerosis progression. She later passed away when I was in 5th Grade.
Mrs. OBerski was my teacher at the time. She helped me to overcome the sadness and
continue to strive in my education. She is the reason that I decided to become a teacher; I
wanted to be that supportive teacher that not only will help my students academically, but also
with the events that pass in their lives. My desire is to be that example of a teacher and person
they would like to become.

Some other quick facts about myself;

I graduated from Kingston in 2009

In November, I plan to graduate from Spring Arbor University with a concentration in
Elementary Education and Spanish Major
Part of my Spanish requirements were fulfilled through a Semester and month abroad in
the country of Guatemala
Growing up on a farm with 6 horses, I am not shy to do hard work
I am a little traditional and like a Please and Thank You
This past July, my beautiful daughter Elisa Rose Turner was born!

I hope to have the pleasure of meeting all of you as each of you have a very important
role within the school and students lives. If you have any questions, concerns, or just would like
to introduce yourself, please do not hesitate to contact me!
Thank you for your time!

Ms. Katelyn Turner

Cell (989) 467-0495

Dear Parents/Guardians,
This summer has been filled with many new experiences for me and I cannot wait for what is next! Starting this
September 2014, I will be working with Ms. Kuntz and your children within the 4th Grade Classroom. In order for you to
know me a little better, I would like to share some facts about myself.
Currently I am in my final year of studies at Spring Arbor University. My Major is the Spanish Language and my
Concentration is Elementary Education. Though we will be working with subjects in the General Education classroom,
your children will also have the opportunity to get some background knowledge in the Spanish Language through a
Lesson on Piatas! I did want to make you aware that as part of my experience I am required to Video Tape a few of my
lessons. If there is a question or concern about this, please contact Ms. Kuntz or myself.
I am also a new mother as of this summer. My beautiful daughter Elisa Rose Turner was born in July and she has
been a complete joy! I am excited to watch her and my students grow within these next few months. I also hope that
your children will continue to have a good relationship with me so I can watch them expand in their own knowledge
beyond the 4th Grade.
If there are other questions you have, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Ms. Turner
Phone: (989) 673-3168 ext. 2527