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Stephanie Kauv

University of Northern Iowa

101 Seerley Hall
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-005
United States

To whom it may concern,

I write to recommend Ms Haylee Hanson who was a student in my Studies in International Education
course during the summer of 2014. The course took place in China and the students were required to
teach English in a camp for Chinese children .
Haylee was an excellent teacher, who motivated and engaged her students. She spoke clearly and
carefully so the students would be able to understand her. She offered excellent definitions of words,
and made sure that all of her students understood. She prepared a glossary of challenging words used in
each class and presented them to the students. She slowly repeated words so that her students would
grasp the correct pronunciation. She was also a skilled classroom manager, and ensured that all students
were attentive.
Haylee was also invaluable outside of the classroom. She was very good at making sure that everything
was done well, and that even children not in her care had their needs responded to. In spite of working
for the first time in a foreign country, Haylee proved herself to be very open-minded, culturallysensitive, and able to deal with any situation.
Ms Hansen is a woman of intelligence, integrity, dedication and wide-ranging competence. She will be
an asset to your institution, and you will be lucky to get her. I recommend her to you without
Stephanie Kauv
Instructor & Strategic Planning Analyst

. ~..e~