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The Marriage Expectation Inventory The Mariage Expectation Inventory for engaged couples is designed to help you dialogue on some important aspects of your relationship. Check your answer. 41, LOVE EXPECTATIONS 1. After marriage, | will spend more quality time with: a. my parents (utang na loob) b. my fiiends (pakikisama a barkada) my work (for our future) d. my family (especially my spouse) e. other (specify) 2. Love means : a. never giving up my ideals which my spouse should follow b. willingness to accept and adjust to my partner . always giving in to my partner to please him/her d. other (specify) 3. Love in marriage will have its ups and downs b. be abed of roses be a crown of thorns d. other (specify) 2 9 4, After a quarrel : the husband must make the first move for a reconciliation the wife must make the first move whoever is wrong should apologize both should attempt to reconcile other (specify) s LL 2 5. Love is best expressed in marriage by: a. continuing to say"! Love You," remembering birthdays and wedding anniversaries b. working hard to provide for the family .¢. fulfilling the commitment in the marriage vow d. other (specify) 6, When my spouse gives a reason for coming home late : i LL | a. | will accept whatever reason he/she gives b. Iwill question hinvher further c. {will quarrel with him/her d. Weewill talk about it honestly 2. other (specify) Jealousy is a sign of: a. love b. mistrust ¢. . immaturity ‘insecurity e. others (specify) Il, MONEY EXPECTATIONS 1. 2. | ‘When we get married: a. we should not stop relying on our parents/relatives: b. we should work for independent living ¢. we will adjust to the circumstances. id. other (specify) On the salary, my husband should: a. keepa "secret account" b. keep a separate account G. tum over everything to his wife d. turn over an amount enough to cover household expenses e. other (specify) 3. The wife should work: ifthe husband's pay is not enough for her personal growth and achievement while there are no children yet upon mutual agreement other (specify) 4, Ifthe wifé has a higher income, the husband should: a, be humble enough to acceptit be ashamed of himself ‘c. rely onthe wife and take life easy d._ work Harder and strive to get a higher pay other (specify) 5,» The bank account of the husband and wife should be: a. joint separate other (specify) 6. Major financial decisions should be the responsibility of: a. husband wife . both Il, IN-LAW EXPECTATIONS 4. don't mind living with my in-laws. a. O.K. lang b. No, to avoid friction c. ifit cannot be helped d. other (specify) 2. « Its alright for our in-laws to live with us. a. agree b. disagree . slong as they don't meddle d. fit cannot be helped