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Teacher Training
Improvement Project
The prime objective of the proposed project is to improve the competencies
and skills of class and in doing so to contribute to enhancing exclusively
students learning in teaching training.
The target population of the proposed project is future teachers that are
being prepared to become class teachers.
The proposed project consists of one component: strengthening schoolbased practice and instruction of pre-service teacher education programs in
or out of your school.

Strengthening School-based Practice of Pre-service Teacher

Education Programs.
The current system of pre-service teacher education in Guatemala is
excessively centered on traditional notions that learning to teach is a
matter of acquiring theoretical or 'action less knowledge about
teaching in college/university and applying it subsequently in
classrooms. The objective of this component is to improve the quality
of graduates of teacher education programs by reforming and
strengthening the school experience component of their program of
studies and bringing them to the level of what is considered
international good practice. To provide student teachers with effective
professional learning experiences, this component will support the
establishment of a system of context-based practical experiences in
schools as a central part of the program of studies. These
experiences will be similar to those in which the student teachers will
subsequently exercise their profession.

Must be handed in to your teacher latest November 8th. (Spiralized). No more

than 15 pages.


Contents Section


1.1 Present System of Education


The Project
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Project Goal
2.3 Project Objectives
2.4 Project Scope
2.5 Project Strategy
2.6 Project Design


Project Description
3.1 Component1 : Improving Quality of Education in Selected
3.1.1 Sub-Component 1.1 : Strengthening Institutions to Improve
Learning Outcomes and Employability of Graduates.
3.1.2 Sub-Component 1.2 : Scaling up Post Graduate Education
and Demand Sub-Component: Establishing Centers of
3.1.3 Sub-Component 1.3 : Faculty Development for Effective
Teaching (Pedagogical Training)

3.2 Component: Improving System Management

3.2.1 Sub-Component 2.1 : Capacity Building to Strengthen
3.2.2 Sub-Component 2.2 : Project Management, Monitoring
and Evaluation

Contents Section

IV: Eligibility And Selection Process

4.1 Selection Process
4.1.2 Eligibility Criteria Eligibility Proposals and its evaluation

V: Project Implementation
5.1 Implementation Arrangement at Institutional levels
5.1.1 : National Level Implementation Arrangements
5.2 Role of Private Sector

VI: Financial Management

6.1 Financial Plan
6.2 Fund Allocation
6.3 Strategy
6.4 Fund Flow
6.5 Auditing

VII: Environment Management

7.1 Objective
7.2 Scope
7.3 Strategy
7.4 Environment Management Framework

VIII: Annexes
IX: Sources