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BFD2 Manual

BFD2 Manual


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Published by: larrygates on Apr 08, 2008
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Loading in the Kit page

You can load and save a number of different elements in the Kit page:

Kits (section 2:4)

A kit is comprised of a number of kit-pieces loaded into kit-piece slots, as well as any Link setups
and additional parameters for each kit-piece (adjustable in the kit-piece inspector). You can, if you
wish, choose to load only the kit-piece arrangement, and dispense with the additional settings.

Kits are loaded and saved using the Load menu in the BFD2 control bar.

Kit-pieces (section 2:6)

You can load individual kit-pieces into the available
slots in order to build a custom kit.

This is achieved via the Load buttons on each kit-
piece slot, or by double-clicking anywhere in a slot.

You can also use the kit-piece quick-load controls at
the top of the kit-piece inspector as an alternative way
of loading kit-pieces.

Kit-piece presets (section 2:9)

These are presets of kit-piece inspector settings for each kit-piece class – kicks, snares,
hihats, toms, cymbals and percussion.

Kit-piece presets are saved using the ‘Save kit-piece preset’ function on the BFD2 Load
menu in the control bar.

You can load kit-piece presets via the kit-piece preset loading controls, located in the kit-
piece inspector.

BFD2 Presets (section 1:7)

You can also load BFD2 Presets using the Load menu on
the BFD2 Control bar. Presets contain a snapshot of the
entire state of BFD2. In the Preset chooser you can load any or all of the following:

• Kit (kit-pieces and kit-piece setups)

• Mixer

• Groove Palette

• Keymap

• Automation map

• Session preferences

Rather than be able to load default kits, mixer presets, Grooves and mappings when the software is launched, BFD2 instead only
allows you to set up a default Preset to load whenever it is launched. This is to avoid having too many default settings specifed,
and also due to the sheer variety of possible kit, mixer and mapping setups that might confict with each other.

Saving in the Kit page

You can save the following using the Save menu:

Kits: section 2:4

Kit-piece presets: section 2:9

BFD2 Presets: section 1:8

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