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What can you learn from the title of the

From the title, Peaceable Kingdom, I
learned that the animals lived in a
peaceful kingdom.

What subjects in the artwork can you

I recognize most of the animals because
Ive seen them before at the zoo or in

Looking at the elements of design, describe

what qualities you see.
I see lines in trees and in the animals. There
is more space towards the left side since all
the animals are towards the right side.
Some animals are the same color like tan,
gray, and black. All the angel babies are
white. Textures in the animals make them
look like they have soft fur.

What media and techniques did the artist

Oil paint and he also incorporated different

Emphasis: Is there a dominant element or

focal point that you see first?
The lion is the focal point because
everything around it is white so it kind of
leaves the lion in open space. The lion
stands out the most because it is the center
and not the same color as everything else.

Balance: Is there a special balance, or

weight, among the elements? What
mood does it create?
In Peaceable Kingdom, the right side
stands out more than the left side because
they are much larger and take up more

Proportion: Do the proportions look normal,

ideal, or unusual? Why?
The painting looks ideal because the
animals and people look very realistic.

Pattern: Are elements repeated to create

a pattern? Where? Why?
Yes, there is pattern in the trees and in the
rocks around the stream. There is also a
pattern in the cheetahs fur.

Rhythm or Movement: What visual rhythms

or paths of movement do your eyes follow?
Where? Why?
My eyes follow the white animals and
angel babies in a circular formation around
the border because the white stands out
the most.

Unity and Variety: What elements bring

together, or unify many parts of the design.
Why? What elements add variety? Why?
There are many similar animals that are the
same size. The different color animals tie
everything together. There is a variety of
animals and a variety of color.

Is there symbolism in the artwork? What do

you think it means?
The animals look so realistic I could almost
touch them. I think the animals symbolize
joyful wonders of life and when everything
ties together its a peaceful kingdom.

What feeling do you think the artist wanted

to give the viewer when looking at the
I think the artist wanted people to feel
welcomed and joined together. It makes
you feel satisfied because everyone is

Does the work remind you of other things

you have experienced?
The work reminds me of when I go to the
zoo and when I go to the mountains with
my family because I see similar animals.

How does the work relate to other ideas or

events in the world and/or in your other
In social studies we learned that the British
came to Georgia and invaded the Indians
land. In the picture, the Indians and the
British look like theyre arguing over

What parts of the work make you feel it is a

success or failure?
I think that the texture in the animals was
successful because it looks very realistic. I
also think the movement is good because
your eyes follow the people and animals
and allow you to see everything at once.
Some of the shading is a fail because so
animals are too dark or too light.

What criteria can you list to help others

judge this work?
Right color choice
Looks realistic or not

How unique is the work? Why do you feel

this work is or is not unique?
I think that the work is unique because they
chose animals that arent very popular and
the work also makes people look closer
since there is so many details.

What are some improvements you feel the

artist could have made to the work?
I think the artist couldve put an animal
above the water like a bird. Overall, I think
the work is very detailed and neat and that
not very many improvements are needed.

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