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GENDA Hotel in Subic will soon have huge air-conditioned tent “pitched” at its open grounds. The \ew attraction will have its own food and beverage service and will be ideal for weddings, conventions i and other functions. le the hotel has various functions venue, Apart rom its d backnature loving local checking tothe hotel ts obvious that an ballrooms for indoor conferences. with ambience, the destinations jst wo hours alls ert have paid of Legend nt, guests will beprowded from Pann Boon oversees the operation of i for events chat require that Such has been the gol for yeas of three properties in Subic namely Legenda outdoor charm. Legends Hote! CEO Khoo Boo Boon For Hotel. Legenda Suites and Grand Seasons. or instance, would:be brides more than tvee years now he has been When Boon took over the management from Moria and other nearby cites have cooking upwaysofstractingtouretsrovsk of the hotel three years ago, che been looking at Subic a6 an deal wedéing Subic Loki atte rumber of tourists and establishment was not in the best of Shape. “It were 3 patient inthe hospital would have been in the ICU. People were literally waiting for ito die a natural he described Prior to Legenda, Boon used to head her hotel cain. Bu when the Malaysian s| decided to sll tre hotel 03 Filipino inessman, Boon opted to rere and spend © with his family. Me invested in a few nesses and had plans of teaching, unt he ice again tapped eo "turnaround the ‘operations of Legend Hotel Work was not easy. "Ie was in such 2 horrible and bad stage that the employees morale had all gone down.” A natural fighcer. Boon welcomed the challenge. According to him. the real_cest of one's management eapability is helping business rise amid the most horrible Frat on his agenda was co bring back the local and foreign tourists to Subic. lore must be a compelling reason for {ourists t© go to Subic." he said. With this nd, he actively worked with other lishment, including the key people in SBMA a come up wi vistors t0 spend their weekend in Subic "We had a ereasure hunt, adventure fered with various activites that would nds, we par establishments and sponsored a lot of events” he said Boon believes Subic has a lor of potential asa tourist destination. “les only 2 few hours from Manila and has preserved its lsh surroundings, the flora and fauna you don't normally see inthe city Next, he warked on his employees! morale. “The success of any organization {depends on its people. che employees are hhappythen they perform well at work, and business prospers: To this day Boon continues to make every effort to inspire his employees. For instance, he helped establish the Legenda Cultural Dance Ensemble, composed of employees with a talent for folk dancing The group performs in various functions both in and outside the hotel. Last year the zrSup performed during the annual meeting Of the Legenda International Resorts in Malaysia Legends Hotel is the only five-star hotelin Subic Ie started operations in 194 With its renovation in 1996 the hotel now has a total of 254 rooms The facilities include Le Café 24-hour ffee shop, The Museum Chinese Restaurant, Neptune Club karaoke bar. 2 lobby lounge, spa,gym and a disco. Its second property in Subic is called the Grand Seasons Hotel,a deluxe hotel with 155 rooms. le was pur up in 1995 on Canal Street in the business district of Subic Bay Facilities include the Feng Huan Restaurant Which serves shabu-shabu and Chinese Cuisine, and Four Seasons 24-hour restaurant which serves Chinese and Western cuisine The chain’s third property is called Legenda Suites, which has 102 roms located in Upper Cubi,near the recrestion center. Buile for groups, families and corporate conferences the vila cum suites have kitchenettes in addition tothe living and dining areas t has 2 conference hall and coffee shop called the Highland Cafe Boon continues co come up with ‘exciting activities for visitors of Subic ‘Although Legends’ hotel lobby isfilled wth casino-goers every night, Boon's mind works non-stop in planning weekend adventures for his hotel guests. His dream Is to have a Manny Pacquiao boxing fight io Subic:"We tried to negotiate, butie was very expensive for us" he sid In the meantime, he has managed to work on his available resources, His foreigner guests, for instance were most amazed when the hotel staged a cockfight. "They were so entertained, because its ther firs dime to see something lke i. In other countries, chey also have cockfghts bus it's legal, here it's noc”