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Party Pics Las Vegas/Song&Music Video Script

Party Pics Las Vegas/Song&Music Video Script

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A song for Miley Cyrus plus the script for the music video
A song for Miley Cyrus plus the script for the music video

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Published by: DAVID MENDELSOHN on Jan 01, 2010
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PARTY IN VEGAS VERSE We need to know? Do you want to go? Jammin on the strip. Let's just let it rip.

Rushing out the door. Piling in to the cab. You know we're so hot. We'll get some guy to pick up the tab. CHORUS Party pics in Vegas. Are you gonna save us? Party after nine. Everyone looks fine. Party pics in Vegas. Are you gonna save us? Lay it on the line. Cause we all look so fine. VERSE Heading for the show. Do you want to go? Will you stay all night? Don't give me a fight. CHORUS Party picks in Vegas. Are you gonna save us. Party after nine. Everyone looks fine.

2. Party pics in Vegas. Are you gonna save us. Lay it on the line. Cause we all look fine. VERSE Got my fake id. Hope they don't check me. Standing in the line. One thing on my mind. Hope they let us in. What you do in Vegas. Isn't really a sin. CHORUS Party in Las Vegas. Are you gonna save us? Party after nine. Everyone's so fine. Party pics in Vegas. Are you gonna save us. Lay it on the line. Cause we all look fine. Party in Las Vegas. Party in Las Vegas. Party in Las Vegas. Party in Las Vegas. Party in Las Vegas. Lyrics by David B. Mendelsohn @DBM Music 2009


MUSIC VIDEO SCRIPT FADE IN: INT. GRANDMOTHERS HOUSE -- DAY Miley is sitting on a couch in her Grandmothers living room. Her friends Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are there too. MILEY This sucks! DEMI Boring city central! SELENA A total snooze fest draped in gray chiffon. DEMI What? The front door opens and Miley's Grandmother enters. GRANDMOTHER Get your stuff Miley. We're headed for Nevada! Grandmas got her convention to go to. The girls look at each other as Grandma heads for the second floor stairs. Grandma yells down from the middle of the stairs. GRANDMOTHER (CONT'D) Oh and tell your friends they can come along too. The girls look down at the coffee table. We see a close up of a large US map. The camera closes in on Nevada. A shining star with the words Las Vegas appears over Nevada. Las Vegas! Cut to. INT. GRANDMAS VAN -- LATER Miley is in the drivers seat. Her Grandmother is in the front passengers seat. Selena and Demi are in back. GRANDMOTHER Miley. MILEY Yes Gramma? GIRLS-ALL We're going to Las Vegas!

4. GRANDMOTHER Lets hit the road. Miley steps on the gas and they're off. We see them waving at cute boys and little kids as they move along. Cut to INT. GRANDMAS VAN -- LATER Miley stops the van in a convince store parking lot. MILEY Drink break. We see them all pile out of the van. Then they pile back in the van with giant sodas in hand. Miley is still driving. Demi is in the front passengers seat. Grandma gets in back behind the front passengers seat. Selena is in back behind Miley. Miley drives for a while. Then they stop again in another convince store parking lot. MILEY (CONT'D) Bathroom break. They all get out of the van again. Then they get back in taking the same positions as last time. Miley hits the gas a little hard and they lurch forward. They drive a little while longer then stop. The camera is focused on the three girls as we hear snoring. SELENA I think your Grandmas asleep. The shot opens up to reveal Grandma snoring away. MILEY Like a log. DEMI Can I drive? MILEY Okay. The two girls switch seats and off they go. MILEY (CONT'D) I'm getting sleepy. Can't keep my eyes open. SELENA You must be catching it from Grandma. They look over at Grandma who is still snoring away. Then we get a close up of Miley slowly drifting off to sleep. Cut to

5. Insert-First dream sequence. The van has stopped. Wake up. Demi shakes Miley awake. DEMI We're here.

Selena joins in the shaking. We're here. SELENA We're here.

Miley looks around. We get an interior shot of Miley looking out her window as they drive down the Las Vegas Strip. Wow. Cut to EXT. GRANDMAS VAN -- CONTINUOUS We get an exterior shot of the van rolling down the Strip. Then a close up of it pulling in to the hotel parking lot. The girls pile out of the van and head in to the hotel with Grandma trailing behind them. Cut to INT. HOTEL LOBBY -- CONTINUOUS The girls look at all the pretty people and the gambling going on. Grandma catches up and herds them over to the check in counter. Grandma starts to check them all in as the girls continue to marvel at all of the sights and sounds. Cut to INT. HOTEL HALLWAY -- CONTINUOUS The four of them are in the hallway in front of their rooms. Grandmas room is across the hallway from theirs. Las Vegas. Yes we are. MILEY We are going to party tonight. GRANDMOTHER Oh no you're not. You're going to go to bed and get a good nights sleep. MILEY Yes Grandma. DEMI Here we come. SELENA MILEY This is so coooolllllllll!

6. SELENA Yes Grandma. DEMI Yes Grandma. The three girls unhappily trudge in to their hotel room under Grandmas watchful eyes. When she sees them close the door and lock it she goes inside. Cut to INT. GIRLS HOTEL ROOM -- CONTINUOUS MILEY This sucks. DEMI This is as bad as hanging around your Grandmothers house. Worse. SELENA Much worse.

The girls walk over to the sliding glass door that leads to the balcony. They open it and step outside. Cut to EXT. HOTEL ROOM BALCONY -- CONTINUOUS The girls stand on the balcony. They look down on the late afternoon Las Vegas Strip traffic. MILEY It's all right there. SELENA Just ripe for the taking. So close. Cut to INT. GIRLS HOTEL ROOM -- CONTINUOUS The three of them go back inside and slump down on the couch. The exact position they were in at Grandmas. Cut to INT. GIRLS HOTEL ROOM -- LATER The girls are sitting on the couch watching television. DEMI Still boring. DEMI Yet so far.

7. Miley and Selena shake their heads in agreement. Miley gets up and heads toward the balcony. The other two girls follow her. Cut to EXT. HOTEL ROOM BALCONY -- CONTINUOUS It is now almost dark outside. The girls stand leaning against the railing looking at the glowing lights of Las Vegas. SELENA Just imagine. DEMI What? SELENA Being in Las Vegas and stuck in your hotel room. MILEY Who says were stuck here? DEMI But your.. MILEY Is probably sound asleep by now. SELENA Lets party. Cut to INT. GIRLS HOTEL ROOM -- CONTINUOUS We see a montage of shots of the girls. They're putting on makeup, party clothes, shoes and fighting over the bathroom mirror, etc. Cut to INT. GIRLS HOTEL ROOM -- LATER The girls are standing in front o the bathroom mirror dressed to kill. MILEY We look hot. SELENA Hotter then hot. DEMI Cooler then hot. Super duper hot.

8. Song starts. Cut to EXT. HOTEL ROOM HALLWAY -- CONTINUOUS We get a shot of the room door opening. The camera follows the girls as they rush out of the room. They almost hit an older couple walking down the hall. They run down the hallway carrying their purses and shoes. Laughing as they go. Cut to INT. HOTEL HALLWAY IN FRONT OF THE ELEVATOR-- CONTINUOUS The elevator opens and they jump inside. Cut to INT. HOTEL LOBBY -- CONTINUOUS The elevator opens and the girls rush out. them as they head for the front door. Cut to EXT. HOTEL FRONT DOOR -- CONTINUOUS The rush up to where the taxis are doing their pick ups at. They jump in front of a group of good looking young guys in nice suits. One of the guys tips the man who opens the door for the girls. They get in the cab and take off. Cut to INT. CAB -- CONTINUOUS They dance and Strip. We get the windows at club and stops sing inside the cab as they move down the shots from inside the cab of them looking out the Las Vegas lights. The cab pulls up to a by the curb. Camera follows The girls head for the hotel room door.

Song stops after third verse. Cut to EXT. CAB -- CONTINUOUS The girls exit the cab in front of a nightclub. There is a long line of people standing behind a velvet rope leading to the entrance. A large bouncer is standing there checking id's. The girls get in line. Miley in front. Then Selena. Then Demi. SELENA I cannot wait to get in.

9. DEMI I hear this is the coolest club in Las Vegas. MILEY I'll bet it is the most beautiful place in the world. Insert-Second dream sequence. Cut to INT. NIGHTCLUB -- CONTINUOUS Song continues final chorus. The nightclub dance floor is set deep in to the structure. With a ramp that leads to the second floor. There are three large glowing sliver mirrored balls suspended from the ceiling. There are also three cages with sexy go go dancers in shimmering silver mini dresses. We get an overhead shot of the three girls in the very center of the dance floor. Just dancing their little hearts out. They are surrounded by a ring of good looking young men. Several couples surround the circle of young men. Everyone is dancing and smiling. Just having the greatest time in the world. Multi colored streamers come down from the ceiling. Soap bubbles start to fill the dance floor with foam. Song stops. Cut to EXT. NIGHTCLUB -- MOMENTS LATER The camera focuses on Miley with her eyes closed still outside of the club. She is now at the front of the line. Selena is shaking her shoulder. Miley. SELENA Quit daydreaming.

Miley looks up at the human wall in front of her. She starts from the bouncers feet and ends up staring in to his unforgiving eyes. BOUNCER Id. Miley hands him her id. He looks it over.

BOUNCER (CONT'D) This says your seventy two years old. Close up of id. It is Miley's Grandmother.

10. MILEY Well my Grandmother is. BOUNCER Well tell your Grandma she can come in. But you guys are banned. He hands the id back. The girls walk back down the entrance ramp and sit on the curb. DEMI Man this sucks. SELENA It really does. MILEY I know. I thought you could get away with anything in Las Vegas. The sit there disappointed. Then a large black stretch limousine pulls up to the curb. The back door opens and a good looking young guy is sitting there. Hi. LIMO PASSENGER You guys want to go to a party? SELENA Do we? DEMI You mean us? MILEY Heck yay we want to go. The girls pile in to the back of the limo and the door closes. Song begins again. Cut to EXT. STRETCH LIMOUSINE The limo goes down the strip as the girls stick their heads out the sun roof and sing. The limo pulls up to the gates of a huge mansion set on a hill. It has a long driveway that is all lit up in the night sky. Dozens of people are walking up the driveway toward the mansion. The huge gates begin to open for the girls limo. End dream sequence Cut to Final chorus is repeated several times.

11. INT. GRANDMAS VAN -- CONTINUOUS We see Miley asleep in the front passengers seat of Grandmas van. Grandma is in the drivers seat with Demi and Selena in back. We realize that her whole Vegas trip has been a dream. GRANDMOTHER Miley wake up. We're here. Miley wakes up and sees a sign that says "Bullhead City Arizona". Then another sign as they cross over the bridge to Nevada that reads "Welcome to Laughlin Nevada." DEMI Oh crap. SELENA Double crap. MILEY Triple crap with a cherry on top. Miley and her friends look out the window as they enter the city. They see all of the senior citizens walking around the place. Disappointment clearly etched on their faces. GRANDMOTHER Grammas gonna party. Yay! Cut to INT. NIGHTCLUB LAUGHLIN-- CONTINUOUS We see Grandma dancing in the middle of the nightclub along with several other senior citizens. The senior citizens are really getting in to the action. Miley and the girls are there with her just standing around. Finally they join in the dance as the final chorus of the song plays over and over again.

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