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The Nurses Station

Anna Ingersoll
Jennifer Edson
Kelle Aikens
Matthew Green
Ferris State University

The Nurses Station

The Nurses Station was founded in the summer of 2014 by a group of well-educated and
professional individuals who had a dream to give back to the community that once had supported
them all during their own personal and professional careers. They opened this house with their
number one goal being to help those seeking answers and resources to better their lives for their
future and/or present careers. While their focus was on attracting nursing students and practicing
nurses, we vowed to not turn away other cliental from experiencing the delicious homemade
brewed coffees as their presence was important to the house as well.
This station is located in an urban downtown area that has recently had an influx of
customers due to a new community college opening. They are amongst several other businesses
on the main road. They are within walking distance to the university and hospital, and only a
short bus ride from the community college. This coffee house focuses on nursing students,
however, all students and non-students are welcome. It has public and private areas available.
Wifi capabilities, along with charging stations are available at all tables. There are computers
available for convenience near the back. There are comfortable chairs, tables, couches and warm
fireplaces which help create a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. While there are other coffee
shops available as Starbucks and Mr. Coffee, our customers continue to choose us because no
other coffee shop in the nearby area supports and encourages them as much as the staff and
existing customers can do at The Nurses Station.
Our stations philosophy is: to mentor, educate and empower all individuals to pursue
personal and professional growth in their area of study, focusing on the nursing field, as well as
having the opportunity to give the tools and resources necessary for all students to reach their
goals and dreams in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
Our mission statement is: the coffee house has a welcoming, positive, and warm
atmosphere. Opinions, ideas, and values are welcomed and respected. The main focus is quality
of care, and professionalism in an inviting atmosphere by providing the proper resources for
students to reach their goals.
So far, the coffee house has been successful in the way that there are already established
customers as well as new customers on a daily basis. Word of mouth is spreading and therefore
minimal amount of time and money has been spent on advertisement, which means there are
more resources going back into the business to continue to help it be successful.
Our organizational goal is to cultivate an environment that promotes education and
advancement for nurses and nursing students. We will have technology available that surpasses
any other coffee shop in the territory. The public is also welcome to enjoy the most robust and
aromatic coffee in town.

The Nurses Station

Our organizational objectives are:

To provide a comfortable setting and a relaxing background with the intention of
promoting educational discovery for nurses and nursing students.
To provide high quality, competitively priced coffee
To provide an environment that embodies nursing values, integrity, and respect.
Attached as appendix A, is The Nurses Station service-line structure organizational
chart. In the service line structures, the function necessary to produce a specific service or
product are brought together into an integrated organizational unit under control of a single
manager or executive (Yoder-Wise, 2011, p. 149). With this chart, this chart explores the
different roles starting with the CEO of the company, to the manager, down to the employees
that turn products into sales.
The CEO of the Nurses Station coffee house will be a visionary leader who sets long term and
short term goals. They will be responsible for setting the standards for the trendy culture of the coffee
shop. The owner will also be responsible for marketing, advertising, strategy and analysis and budgets to
make the operation a success. The owner will also be responsible for public relations, establishing
policies, procedures and set and maintain guideline for the food and beverage industry.
That manager works directly under the CEO. They will ensure compliance with the food and
safety regulations, enforce policies and procedures, legal environment and maintain a safe and secure
work environment. The manager will be responsible for hiring, training and firing employees and resolve
customer service problems. The other responsibilities will include making out the employee schedules,
identifying trends and most importantly, ordering product so the coffee shop produces sales.
The barista works under the manager and proficiently prepares drinks and food products by
following The Nurses Stations recipes. The barista will be well educated and understand the differences
between coffees and teas from different regions, blends and flavors and be able to describe the differences
to the customers. They will also grind, weigh and prepare coffee packs, and bake goods for customers.
The barista is responsible for restocking products as needed and they will report any employee or
customer hazards to the manager on duty.
The cashier works under the manager on duty. They are responsible for greeting the customers
on arrival and answering any questions throughout the customers coffee stay. They will also receive
payments by cash, credit and debit cards and issue receipts. The cashier will be responsible to count their
drawer at the beginning and end of their shift, identify prices of goods and services, and tabulate bills,
process merchandise, returns and/or exchanges. During the down time, the cashiers will stock

shelves and mark prices of products on shelves.

The Nurses Station

The busser works under the manager and is responsible for cleaning tables, taking plates
and empty cups. They will offer refills on coffee and water. The bussers will offer quick
service, restocking utensils, napkins and other caf needs. The busser will take care of janitorial
duties such as taking out the trash, cleaning the floors, stocking and cleaning the restroom. The
busser will also have computer knowledge and will ensure the computers are up and running. If
there are any computer issues, that information will be shared with the manager.
The cook will clean food preparation areas, cooking surfaces and utensils making
sanitation a priority. They will cook and package food products after they make and bake the
specific food items being prepared. They will wash, cut and prepare foods designated for
cooking and baking. They will be responsible along with the baristas to clean, stock and restock
workstations and display cases.

The Nurses Station

Job Description:

Proficiently prepares and

serves the best coffee
available for miles around
Has the knowledge and
understanding about each
coffee and tea available to
ensure customers are getting
the richest blends and flavors
Weighs, grinds and prepares
coffee packs for those
customers on the go
Prepares baked goods orders
Restocks supplies as needed,
helps clean and sanitize
specific areas
Has a good work ethic as well
as having the ability to work
well within a team

If Interested:

Please submit applications to

The Nurses Station located at
120 College Ave, Grand
Rapids MI 49503
Having walk-in interviews the
week of November 17 thru
the 21 from 1- 4 pm, all are
Manager on duty is Matthew
Green, please direct
comments and questions to

The Nurses Station

Since our coffee shop is unique and leans toward the educational purpose of the medical
community, advertising will be a little different. Attached, as Appendix B, C, and D, are advertising
prices of locally, regionally and nationally priced ads. With this business, it will be all local advertising
with it being location and University specific.
For job advertising, we will utilize, which is free, and we will also use postings at
the local College or University. In addition to those resources, we will also use the Grand Rapids Press
to advertise for jobs. The cost for advertising in the Grand Rapids Press is very economical. For one-thirty (30) day ad online, it would cost $130. For a Fourteen (14) day ad online it would cost $120. With
this combination of ad placements, a job would certainly be filled.

The Nurses Station

Nurses Station Start-up Budget

Start-up costs:
~ $1,300 for legal licensing and permits.
~ $3,500 for marketing and grand opening.
~ $2,400 for liability, workmens compensation, and property coverage.
~ $4,000 for space rent.
~ $10,000 for remodeling.
~ $2,500 for utility and phone deposits.
~ $23,700 total for operating space start-up.
Start-up equipment:
~ $6,000 for espresso machine.
~ $900 for coffee maker.
~ $200 for coffee grinder.
~ $18,000 for microwave, toasters, dishwasher, refrigerator, blender, and etc
~ $9,500 for counter top, sink, ice machine, etc
~ $3,000 for service equipment.
~ $13,750 for cash register, security, ventilation, signage.
~ $3,500 for fax machine, CPU, phone, wireless, and furniture.
~ $500 for miscellaneous.
~ $55,000 total for start-up equipment.
Start-up inventory:
~ $6,000 for coffee beans
~ $7,900 for filters, baked goods, salads, sandwiches, tea, beverages, and etc
~ $300 for office supplies.
~ $14,200 total for start-up inventory.

The Nurses Station

~ $92,000 total start-up w/o salaries.

Start-up salaries cash reserve:

~ $4,306.72 for employees for first month.
~ $14,400 for cash reserves for month
~ $18,706.72 for start-up salary and cash reserve.

~ $110,706.72 total start-up including first month salaries.

Information used from Coffee shop business plan at (2014).
Monthly budget:
Part-time positions and pay rates:
4 Baristas


4 Cashiers/customer service


4 Cook/chef


4 Bussers/dishwashers


Full-time positions
2 Managers
The budget for positons is determined by the open hours per week. The Nurses Station will be open from
0600 to 1800 Sunday through Saturday (7 days/week). That adds to 98 total hours per week total open
hours and with the 4 positions per part time employees that leaves 24.5 hours/week to be scheduled. The
two full time positions for the two managers will be split between 12 hour scheduled shifts alternating
between 3 then 4 days per week for each manager. The manager positions will be salaried positions.
Weekly pay per position part-time (hourly rate):


$882.00 combined (4 positions)

Cashiers/customer service


$833.00 combined (4 positions)



$833.00 combined (4 positions)

The Nurses Station



$798.72 combined (4 positions)

Full-time salary positions (salary):



Monthly salary budget:

$960.00 combined (2positions)


Monthly budget including inventory and supplies

Coffee beans*


Filters, baked goods, salads, beverages, tea*


Office supplies*

$ 300.00





Total monthly expenditures


*Estimated from initial start-up costs and may change with demand.


Coffee shop business plan (2014). In Bplans. Retrieved November 8, 2014, from

The Nurses Station


The Nurses Station


Team/Team Leads

Service Representative





The Nurses Station



Appendix B

The Nurses Station



Appendix C

The Nurses Station



Appendix D