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Media Plan for Troops N Hoops

Members of Team: Whitney Snyder, Sarah Marchese, Sydney Pass & Tyler Potts

Primary Target
Our primary target market will be any military veterans or current personnel enrolled in the
military, as well as anyone affiliated or related to those serving in the military. Our secondary target
market will be RMU Students, faculty, and local community members for support and further
participation. In addition to those targets, our secondary target will also be to those who have an
emotional connection to, or have been affected by our non-profit, Operation Troop Appreciation.
We have decided to not put an age range or label a gender on our target market because we feel as
though all are applicable. Everyone has a sentimental connection to those who have fought and are
still fighting for our freedoms here in the United States.

Key Message & Support

Our key message is that we want to support those who have taken the time to support us by
representing the United States Armed Forces and have provided us with our freedom. We want to
show compassion and appreciation for those who have served, are still serving, and plan to serve to
protect our nation.

Promotional Media

CBS Radio: Jeff Davidson-

o Web Blast Email to Listeners
o Week listing on
o Promotional Social Media Posts
o On Air Promotion
CBS Radio: John DAmico-
o Posting at
o 2 social media posts
o 10 live mentions
o Live Pitch by Whitney on 11/7
Sentry Media: Nick Buzzelli-
o Reporter- Nick Buzzelli
o Photographer- Kyle Gorsey
Colonials Corner: Chris Cappella/

o Article on the website

Allegheny West Magazine: Doug Hughey-
o West Allegheny Edition for Promotion: October
o Moon Edition for Coverage: End of November
IN Community Magazine: Pamela Palongue/Mark Berton-
o Shaler Magazine for Promotion: October 31st
o Sewickley Magazine for Promotion: November 7th
o Mars Magazine for Promotion: November 7th
Moon Township Website: Liz Barrentine-
o Online Bulletin
o Moon Community Access Television
Nick Buzzelli and Crew to work with them on video
Operation Troop Appreciation: Monica Orluk:
o Event on their Facebook Page
o Web Blast Email
o Website Event Posting
Moon Patch: Rose Driscoll:
o Post for Promotion
Twitter: Ran by Whitney Snyder
o Troops N Hoops Twitter Page @TroopsNHoops
Facebook: Event Posted by Sarah Marchese

Event Directions/ Miscellaneous Information

When guests are pulling onto campus they will immediately see signage that reads, Troops N
Hoops, follow the flags. These signs will then be followed by mini American flags that will line the
route in which guests will take to attend the event. There will be two more signs throughout the
course of the flag directional to keep everyone on track. Placed outside the entrance of the parking
lot there will be a sign that reads, Troops N Hoops Parking with a directional arrow pointing into
the lot. To direct traffic to the appropriate building there will be a large banner on the front of John
Jay that reads Troops N Hoops where people will then know where to enter the facility.
Parking passes will not be needed on the day of the event and we have had this confirmed by
security. Security will be outside in order to inform guests of this information.
On each of our flyers we have mentioned that cash is the only form of payment that we will be
accepting at our event. We also publicly state that there is a donation entry at the door. If guests
would like to bring an item to donate to Operation Troop Appreciation they are more than welcome
to do so, however we will still be taking the donations at the door. The donation information will be
found on their website and we will also have it at our tables when we promote the event in
Nicholson the week leading up to the event.

Operation Troop Appreciation Fact Sheet

All information taken from:
Mission: To build and sustain the morale and well-being of the military community, past and
present, with the assurance that the American public supports and appreciates their selfless service
and daily sacrifices.
Values: Operation Troop Appreciation is dedicated to the active and veteran members of our
Armed Forces who serve and sacrifice for our country. By providing them with items that
contribute to their morale and well-being, we present a united front to our deployed military by
supporting them as individuals for every one of them;

Memorializes our nation's past

Sacrifices to maintain our nation's culture and freedoms
Ensures the safety and freedom of our nation's future generations

What do they do?

OTA works with military units, from squads to companies to battalions, and provide wish list
items specifically requested by the troops in the field. These wish list items are intended to help
ease the burden of deployment and are presented to the troops as symbols of their appreciation,
support and encouragement.
They establish a point of contact within each deployed battalion to whom all items are shipped.
This person is instructed to distribute the items equitably among the soldiers.
In addition to sending these items, OTA also sends letters to each unit, expressing gratitude for
their daily service and sacrifice. A committee of OTA volunteers continues to correspond with any
soldier who wishes to keep in touch.
All information paraphrased from:
Founder & President: Kristen Holloway

Small personal project in 2004 birthed Operation Troop Appreciation

o March 2004, provided Under Armour t-shirts to 38 local soldiers deployed in Iraq
o July 1st, 2004 OTA was established as a PA non-profit corporation
o Hundreds of care packages have been sent overseas to aid Deployed Arm Service
Others Board Members:

Monica Orluk: President and Chief Operating Officer & Board Member
o Main contact
Amanda Thompson, Vice President
Major Bill Ault, Executive Officer, 2-112th IN (Stryker) and OTA Board Member
SSG Matthew Claycomb, Pennsylvania Army National Guard and OTA Board Member
Lt. Col John Dowling, U.S. Army Reserve and OTA Board Member
o Organization representative at the event
Michael Fisher, Combat Veteran (Army) and OTA Board Member

Sponsors: OTA at this point has 24 ongoing sponsors that include the following;
American Association
My Way Mobile
of Drilling Engineers
Steel City Vets
Consol Energy Center
National Guard
Defiance Fight Gear
Packaging Specialists
Hometown Mail
Three Rivers
Defending Freedom
The Mall at Robinson
Detachment 310
The Military Family
Elf Entertainment,
Horovitz Rudoy &
1 and Goal Sports
About Time
Eckert Seamans
CBS Radio Pittsburgh
HTM Designs
Century III Mall
Donations: All donation information and specifics can be found on this link
Fun Facts:

In 2008 President George W. Bush recognized Operation Troop Appreciation in a speech

he gave at the White House on September 8, 2008. As part of his Volunteer Recognition
Program, the President praised the tireless efforts of volunteers all over the country,
while bringing special attention to the work performed by OTA. Kristen Holloway,
President of OTA was greeted by President Bush as she arrived at the White House.
18 awards have been won recognizing accomplishments of the organization
Top Rated non-profit in 2013

At this point in time, Stars & Stripes Communication has achieved support from:
Advanced Auto
World Class Fitness
Robert Morris
Giant Eagle
RMU Athletics

Mens Wearhouse

Half Price Books
Pittsburgh Steelers

Goodyear Ryan
Panera Bread
Bob Evans
SAMs Club
The Smoke Stack
Moes Southwest
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Bath & Body Works
Double Tree
Hampton Inn
Coldwell BankerLori Knowles

Primanti Brothers
RMU Dining
CBS Radio
IN Community
Allegheny West
Sentry Media
Moon Township
Moon Patch
JR Advertising
Image 360
Operation Troop
All Occasions

Stitch Wizards
Local Pittsburgh
Elementary Schools
wrote letters (425)
o Bon Meade
o J.A. Allard
o Brooks
o Hyde
o McCormick

Media Placement Agenda

Y108 & Star


RMU Radio/

Sept. 24th - Sent Jeff Davidson (Y108) flyers 2 and 6 & all info
Oct. 13th Confirmed over the phone promotional tools being used
Oct. 25th Live on air, website, recorded promos, social media posts
4x30 sec recorded promos per day, 30x15 sec live promos
per week, listing on website, 2 social media posts per week
(Oct. 25th- Nov. 11th)
Oct. 27th Sent John DAmico (Star) flyers 2 and 6 & all info
Oct. 28th Confirmation of event being posted on the Star website
Posting at, Whitney coming on air to
promote the event in PM Drive, 2 social media posts, 10 live
Nov. 7th Whitney will give on air pitch on Star 100.7

Oct. 7th Emailed Nick Buzzelli flyers 2 and 6

Oct. 21st Confirmation on who is covering the event
Nick Buzzelli Writer
Kyle Gorsey Photographer

Oct. 15h Emailed details of the event to Ben Cole and flyers 2-6
Oct. 18th Confirmation of Chris Cappella doing written portion on Colonial
Oct. 21st Sent additional info to RMU Radio about event, got denied on
airing anything for it
Oct. 29th Confirmation of promotional platform
RMU Radio Oct. 29th Nov. 11th
RMU TV Oct. 29th Nov. 11th


Sept. 30th Emailed information regarding our event to Pamela Palongue

Oct. 1st Confirmation on the promotional placement for our event
Shaler: Oct. 31st Sewickley: Nov. 7th Mars: Nov. 7th
Oct. 1st Emailed additional information to include in magazines
Oct. 6th Received value of media donation
Nov. 12th Email Mark Berton 300 word event synopsis with photos
Nov. 14th Magazine goes to print with coverage of our event



Oct. 7th Emailed information regarding our event to Liz Barentine

Oct. 9th Submitted online submission on website bulletin board
Oct. 9th Discussed getting RMU videographer to film so event will be on

Sept. 22nd Emailed OTA President, Monica Orluk, regarding our event
Oct. 10th Received photos for the event postings
Oct. 13th Sent final event details to Monica regarding our event
Oct. 14th Received confirmation of where proceeds will be used
Oct. 18th Confirmation on postings on OTA Facebook, Website, and E
Oct. 24th Received stats regarding troops that OTA has served
Nov. 1st Met with Monica to collect information and starter kit
Items included signage, pamphlets, totes, information
Nov. 10th Confirmed who to make checks to and details of tax write offs




Sept. 24th Emailed information regarding event to Doug Hughey

Sept. 30th Submitted event on website
Oct. 6th Received confirmation on where info would be placed
WA Events section, coverage
Oct. 6 Confirmation on value of media donation

Oct. 7th Emailed information regarding our event to Rose Driscoll

Oct. 10th Sent information to be listed on the Moon Patch posting
Oct. 29th Confirmation of event posting on the Moon Patch website

Nov. 3rd - Created Facebook event on Facebook and invited people to

Troops N Hoops


Oct. 13th Created @TroopsNHoops

Retweets throughout of our sponsors and affiliations
Oct. 14th First tweet sent, Troops N Hoops will be held on November 11 th, 2014 in
the John Jay Gymnasium. Doors will open at 6:30pm and the game will start at 7pm!
Oct. 15th Help us in continuing to put a smile on their faces. #GiveBack #SayThanks
#OTA #TroopsNHoops @OTATroopSupport *with photo
Oct. 16th - Who's ready to see @AndyToole take on some members of the U.S. Armed
Forces in a friendly RMU faculty vs. Military basketball game?
Oct. 18th - Thanks for the follows... Keep them coming! This is going to be a great
event, get the details here!! #GiveBack #SayThanks #OTA
Oct. 20th - Happy Monday! Think about these men & women as you get your week
started! #GiveBack #SayThanks #OTA #TroopsNHoops *with photo
Oct. 21st - Exactly 3 weeks 'til game time! Save the date Nov. 11th @ 7pm in John Jay!
Watch some of your favorite RMU faculty take on the military
Oct. 22nd - Did you know there are currently 1,184,356 men & women on active duty
fighting for our freedom right now? What are you thankful for? #OTA
Oct. 23rd - Be there. #GiveBack #SayThanks #OTA #TroopsNHoops *with flyer photo
Oct. 26th - Thank you @RMUMoes for the follow and the retweets! - Thanks
@TEAdv!!! You have been one of our biggest supporters... Join in everyone!
#TroopsNHoops #RMU #USMilitary
Oct. 27th - Two weeks from today!! Message for ways to get flyers! #GiveBack
#SayThanks #OTA *with flyer photo
Oct. 28th - Exactly 2 weeks everyone! Raffles from @steelers @RMUHockey
@RMUMBasketball @PittsburghMoes @panerabread & more! *with flyer photo
Oct. 29th Thank you to everyone who has retweeted and followed us!! We
appreciate it! #GiveBack #SayThanks #OTA
Oct. 30th @OTATroopSupport has helped over 140,000 soldiers since their
activation in 2004. #GiveBack #SayThanks #TroopsNHoops *with photo
Oct. 30th Big thank you to @RMUHockey, @RMUMBasketball, & @RobertMorrisFB1
for the signed donations from your teams!! #GiveBack #SayThanks
Oct. 31st Happy Halloween everyone! Dont forget to save the date, November 11 th,
@ 7pm in the Gus Krop Gym, John Jay Center! #GiveBack #SayThanks
Nov. 3rd Happy Monday everyone! Look at that smile learn how you can help!
#GiveBack #SayThanks #OTA #TroopsNHoops *with photo
Nov. 4th One week exactly until the day of our event! #GiveBack #SayThanks
#TroopsNHoops #OTA *with photo
Nov. 5th 11/11, 7pm, John Jay Center. Watch President DellOmo and the RMU
faculty take on the US Military team led by Coach Banaszak! #GiveBack
Nov. 6th- Reminder of our Dine-In day this Monday!! #GiveBack #SayThanks
#TroopsNHoops *with photo
Nov. 7th Tune in to @StarPittsburgh this afternoon to hear all about Troops N
Hoops! #GiveBack #SayThanks #OTA #TroopsNHoops
Nov. 9th Get a chance to win this signed football by the 2014 @steelers at Troops N
Hoops on Veterans Day! *with photo
Nov. 10th Today is the day to Dine-In to Donate @primantibros! Please ask for a
flyer if you do not have one. #GiveBack *with photo
Nov. 10th Dine-In to donate now! From 5pm-9pm at the @PrimantiBros on
University Blvd. 10% of your expenses will go to @OTATroopSupport. Drinks
Nov. 10th Thanks to everyone who came to support OTA @primantibros! Hope to
see you all tomorrow at Troops N Hoops! *with photo
Nov. 11th In honor of those who have served, are serving, and plan to serve our
country Thank you. #VeteransDay #GiveBack #SayThanks #OTA
Nov. 11th- Attend Troops N Hoops tonight at 7pm in John Jay to honor the soldiers
that we are so thankful for today, and every day. #SayThanks
Nov. 11th Cannot thank everyone enough for coming and supporting a great cause!