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| Boas, Franz Go yx THE SHAPING OF AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGY 1883-1911: » A Franz Boas Reader EDITED BY GEORGE W STOCKING, JR. 1a+4 Franz, Boas 1906 BASIC BOOKS, INC,, Publishers New York 7. RACIAL CAPACITY AND CULTURAL DETERMINISM aspects of his anthropol cit in his critique of understood. This may be ‘The Mind of Primitive Man 220 Racial Capacity and Cultural Determinism Human Faculty as Determined by Race 221 fully to their conscious to be resolved for eighteen months, and he was already feeling a severe they experienced t revolution Vietorian conception of man. MM sexection 31 Human Faculty Ihe accepted the inference his friend, the made from apparent differences in “the © cessation of brain growth in races’; and he was rather naively optimistic about the poss as Determined by Race