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MINUTES OF MEETING of October 15 , 2014

In Attendance:

Joe Gluska, Shelley-Lynn Mazur, Gisela Scholze, , Janice Spencer (via Skype),
Tim Stanfield, Rodney Wright


Al Hildebrandt, Heather Schaub

Minutes taken by:

Rodney Wright Benedick Road

Meeting called to order at 4:35 PM

Agenda for the Meeting was revised to move up discussion on democratic process (as per Giselas
memo) and discussion on next steps on a CLCA website (agenda items 4&5) in advance of grant
application (agenda item # 6). Gisela request for a Social Committee was added to the mandate of Parks
and Rec Committee. Janice asked that a new item Fund Raising for Ditches be added to Agenda. It
was MOVED by Joe Gluska THAT revised Agenda be accepted. CARRIED (see attachment)
Meeting Minutes Approval: Because of the lateness in receiving the minutes of the September 9
Meeting, Directors were given the time to review these minutes. It was MOVED by Gisela Scholze THAT
Directors be given until October 25 to review minutes and get back to Al Hildebrandt for publication of
revised minutes. CARRIED. It was noted that was no agreement at the September 9 meeting for points
7iii and 7iv. These discussions need to be removed from the September 9 minutes (see attachment).
Treasurer Report It was MOVED by Rodney Wright THAT the Treasurers Report for September 30
showing a balance of $4.418.98 be accepted. CARRIED There are 98 current members. It was also
MOVED by Joe Gluska THAT a cheque for $280 be issued to Shelley-Lynn to cover expenses for Easter
Egg Hunt. CARRIED.
Democratic Process and next steps on Website There was a lengthy discussion on the need to ensure
that any communication that goes out to our Members must be reviewed and approved by the Directors
prior to publication. Although there is agreement on the need for a website and there is an appreciation
for the efforts of Al Hildebrandt to spearhead this project, the majority of Directors noted that this
project was not given final approval and that the launch of the website should never have been released
to our Members. It was MOVED by Rodney Wright THAT further roll out of a CLCA website be put on
hold until all the Directors have approved the final website (design, development, copy and start
up/maintenance costs) with a targeted final launch date of either December 15 or January 15. CARRIED.
Gisela Scholze and Janice Spencer volunteered to join the Communication Committee to join Al, Joe and
Rodney (mistakenly taken off this subcommittee). Other volunteers can also join this subcommittee. Tim
Stanfield suggested that all Directors review the preliminary website and identify areas that they like
and areas that need to be addressed. All of the directors are requested to research web site areas of
their own concern and bring back items with costs attached and time frames to do all of the updating of
all of the information they deem necessary.
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Grant Application It was MOVED by Joe Gluska THAT a grant application for the development of a
communication network (as developed by Joe Gluska) be submitted by October 31 deadline. CARRIED.
Gisela has been able to determine that grant applications for other neighborhood association websites
has been routinely rejected. Gisela suggested that Joe follow up with Dave Compton (Smith Creek) to
learn more about why their grant application was rejected so that he can tailor the CLCA application
accordingly. Joe will submit application to Directors for review/suggestions but because of the tight time
lines a speedy review is required. It was also noted that if we do not get this grant, we are still planning
to move ahead with a CLCA Website in mid-December or mid-January.
Update on Project Management and Committees It was MOVED by Shelley-Lynn THAT the Social
Committee be included in the mandate for Parks and Rec Committee. CARRIED. It was agreed that
making the neighborhood aware of some of social events that the CLCA sponsors is a great way to
encourage more people to join the CLCA. Rodney will provide an update of social activities and related
costs for events/activities that the CLCA sponsors.
SWM Update Joe confirmed that the SWM for Benedick is on hold indefinitely. A letter communicating
the direction that DWK is planning to take needs to be sent out to the neighborhood in conjunction with
the next newsletter. SWM Committee will determine the status of budgeted 2014 SWM study to control
run off from Lakeview Heights into Casa Loma. Rodney will see if he can find communication about this
project and forward to Joe. SWM Committee (Joe and Gisela) are trying to set up a meeting with the
new Head Engineer and Jim Zaffino. Janice Spencer asked the reverse drainage issue across from her
property be addressed.
Traffic Calming Study Both Tim and Rodney provided updates on discussion with both Shannon Lake
re their completed traffic calming studies and the second Open House for Glen Rosa. Both Tim and
Rodney will forward communications to all Directors about these meetings. Both organizations have
been impressed with both the results and the process. A second Open House for Casa Loma will likely
occur in November but members of the TC Committee will be given the opportunity by Engineering to
review results of survey and the proposed presentation in advance of Open House. Rodney will
determine whether site visits to Casa Loma have taken place by DWK. An update memo was requested
to ensure all the members of the CLCA were contacted and informed regarding the Traffic Calming Study
Kalamoir Park Update Rodney provided Board with an update. It is likely that topic of RDCO
purchasing the property at the end of Benedick will come up again at the meeting with RDCO and The
Friends of Kalamoir Park. Although it is unlikely that anything will come of it, CLCA does have an
opportunity to promote its neighborhood as the Gateway to waterfront walk to West Kelowna. By
taking such an approach. The CLCA does have the opportunity to bump ourselves higher up on the
priority list for infrastructure such as sidewalks, bike trails etc. The downside is that it will likely increase
the amount of traffic into neighborhood. I am quite prepared to spearhead this project both with DWK
and RDCO but need buy in at Board Level. To be discussed at a future meeting.
Revised Newsletter Distribution Because of time constraints, no consensus was reached on this topic.
To be reviewed at next meeting.
Joint meetings with other neighborhood associations Gisela has been doing a lot of research on other
neighborhood associations in relation to membership and websites. Gisela will post findings to date. As
part of her research, she did a great deal of interest in getting together with our associations and others
to discuss common issues/opportunities. There is an opportunity to get together with other associations
to come up with common questions to be directed at the upcoming all candidates meeting. Gisela will
follow up and determine next steps.
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Other Topics There were a number of topics touched on but where there was limited opportunity to
review. The following items are to be carried forward to the next meeting.
Fund Raising for Ditches
There was no opportunity to discuss Janices suggestion re the viability of fund raising for ditches.
- a yearly membership drive is needed
- a Membership Committee to be added to the current committee structure
- Review membership rules
Other Community Concerns
- pet control
- Neighborhood Watch
These items noted above are to be carried forward and require discussion at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM

Next Meeting : Monday, November 17, 2014

Location TBD

4:30 PM

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