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MDQ Academy
Brentwood, New York
N o v.1 0 - 1 4

a b a i g @ m d q a c a d e m y.o r g
m d q 2 n d g r a d e r s . w e e b l y.c o m


Sister Amnas Classroom Newsletter

The story this week was called, Tara and
Tiree: Fearless Friends. It was literary
non-fiction story about 2 dogs saving their
owner from an icy lake meaning it was a
true story told in a story format. Our
comprehension skills included
summarizing and cause/effect. Students
practiced summarizing the story and then
creating a dog craft template that was
holding, the summary.
We also practiced summarizing and
cause/effect with a storybook I read to
them called, Creepy Carrots. They
LOVED this story and they had to identify
the beginning, middle, and end, and use
that to create a summary paragraph. They
also had to take events from the story and
identify them as causes. Then, they had
to find the matching effects.
We started nouns this week in grammar.
After doing a while group activity where
students came up to the board and taped
a noun under person, place, or thing, they
had to create a noun apple tree project.
They made three trees and had 12 nouns
on apples they had to sort as people,
places, or things and separate them
among the three trees.


This week we learned about the state

government and the three branches- governor,
legislature, and court. We created a circle
flipbook and we are working on the town
government and state government part on it so
far. The country will come next. We also saw a
PowerPoint presentation and learned the steps
of an election students got to see
candidates, and their views, and then vote.

We continued to practice strategies to add and
started learning strategies to subtract. Students
practiced fact families and made a fact family
cookies and milk project. They also started
learning how to subtract. The easiest way is to
put the smaller number in your head and count
on till you reach the larger number. The result is
your answer for the subtraction fact. We are up
to lesson 3.8 this week.


Students wrote a lot about different life

cycles this week. We saw some videos to
understand the concept better. They
sequenced a frogs life cycle in various
ways. The week ended with a review and a
test on chapter 2.



Health Week
We learned a lot this week during Health week.
Students participated in various discussions and
programs. They learned about how to be safe
around medicine because some medicine looks like
candy. They learned about how the blood is
important to the body and how we should take care
of our bodies. They saw a play about eating healthy,
learned about bus safety, heard a talk about
bullying, and listened to safety rules from a police

Reminders to Students/Parents

1) Sign and return Science test

2) Math test chapter 3 will be next

3) There are still a handful of students
who forget to do the backside of
their fluency homework every
week. Homework does not count if
that side is not done!
4) Parents, please remember to sign
the homework log so that the
check mark points, can count for
a class award.
5) Since there is no school next
Friday, we will have the spelling
test on THURSDAY instead. The
fluency sheet and homework log
will be due the following Monday.

Next Weeks Highlights

Language Arts: authors purpose and
proper nouns
Math: 3.8-3.11 Test chapter 3 Thursday.
Science: starting chapter 3 on plants
Social Studies- mock elections.

Upcoming Events/Requests/Comments
1) No school Nov. 21
2) PTC Nov. 21. I would very much
appreciate it if you come on the
scheduled time. I have almost no
openings and coming at other times will
throw off the schedule for everyone.
Please, do not come without an
appointment scheduled as well, as I
prepare paperwork specific to the
conference for each student. Thank you
so much.