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Business Education

Course 100
GRADE LEVEL: 10, 11, 12

Instructor: Ms. Naomi Forster

P: 303.929.5900


This class includes a combination of researching current events along with
information, in my opinion, that will assist you beyond the classroom. This Business
Education class is a comprehensive study of business functions of individual
enterprises, dynamics functioning within the economy, and in society. It will include
analysis of target markets, various business environments, ethics, and managerial
aspects of marketing practices such as product and service development, pricing,
promotion, advertising, selling, and distribution. We will discuss business
terminology from an industry perspective and from a customer perspective. The
pace will be intense, the content informative and the knowledge gained will be
useful in your everyday lives.
Instructional Philosophy:
This course is an exciting opportunity for me to bring my industry experience and
enthusiasm for the content to the classroom. As stated above, my opinion is that
the information presented in this course will assist you beyond the classroom.
Regardless of future employment decisions, everyone is a participant in the
economy and has a responsibility to understand how market forces affect their lives.
It will be a wonderfully empowering opportunity to learn about how the economy
shapes everyone's lives and how you can learn to make important personal
decisions. Please contact me via email ( with questions
or concerns, as I am here to help you succeed!!
Introduction to Business, provided by Poudre School district.
Additional Materials:
Virtual Business, Virtual Management (Knowledge
resources from Glencoe Technology/BusinessWeek.




Expected Classroom Behaviors:

THE ONE RULE: Please feel free to do anything that does not interfere with
anyone elses learning (including your own) or my ability to teach.
What are your rights as a Student in this classroom?
To learn. I respectfully ask that you dont interfere with anyone elses ability to
What are my rights as an Educator?
To teach. With respect, I ask that you not interfere with my ability to teach.

You are not required to participate. There are no participation points. If I call on you
and you dont want to participate, just say, pass. I dont require participation nor
do I provide points for students who do participate. I assume you will say something
when you have something to say. You can expect to be called on if students arent
You arent required to agree with your classmates opinions, but you are expected to
politely listen to those who have chosen to participate. Avoid side conversations
with fellow classmates. This is a distraction to the learning environment. If you
choose to speak, please speak respectfully to the entire class.
Your daily, on-time attendance is expected, wanted and appreciated!
Please come! It is my hope that my passion and experience with the subject
matter is obvious and contributes to an interesting learning environment. Also refer
to the Poudre School District handbook you received regarding details concerning
the attendance policy.
Performance Indicators:
Case studies; article reviews; final presentation; lessons and quizzes from Virtual
Business, Virtual Management, *Portfolio Project, unit exams, and final exam. All
assignments are available on the class Blackboard page. Please let me know if you
are not able to access this site.
Final letter grades are based on a total point system. Letter grades are earned by
the student based upon the following percentage of possible points: 100-90% = A,
89-80% = B, 79-70% = C, 69-60% = D, >60% = Failure. Total points possible
include numerical evaluations for all assignments listed under Performance
Indicators. You are allowed the opportunity to re-submit all assignments to improve
your grade. Your success and understanding of the material is the goal. Due dates
for re-submissions are one week after you receive the assignment returned to you
with my feedback.
Refer to school handbook.
Final Exams:
The final exams for my classes include a combination of written tests, case studies
and presentations. The expectations and rubrics are always posted on the
classroom BlackBoard.
Homework is not assigned for this class so you shouldnt be doing any (for any
class) in my class. Please use class time productively to get all work done. On
occasion a video or short reading will be assigned to view/read before class so you
can accomplish the next days assignment or activity.

Please dont use them unless it is for an emergency, such as illness. If you need to
use your phone, it is expected you are calling a parent or other caregiver regarding
an emergency.
Make Up/Late Work:
Please, do not come to class and say, I was gone yesterday. What did I miss?
Please DO email me if you need make-up work, or have questions or concerns. Class
time is valuable and it probably isnt possible to address individual concerns
regarding what you missed during class. I encourage you to continue to participate
in activities outside of the classroom, so it is O.K. to miss class sometimes for your
extracurricular interests. (Excused absences will have until next class period to
complete missed work without penalty. Unexcused absences or excused absences
beyond the one class period grace period will lose 10% credit for each day beyond
the due date.)
Academic Integrity:
Each student is required to do his/her own work. Plagiarism and/or cheating will not
be tolerated, and if detected, will result in disciplinary referral and action. The
Poudre District Student Handbook outlines the consequences for cheating and
plagiarism, and the instructor will, with the assistance of an administrator,
implement the policy. A first incident of plagiarism and/or cheating will result in a
zero. Additional incidents may result in expulsion from school. Please consult the
Handbook for the full text of the consequences for academic dishonesty.
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