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HR Planning

HR Planning

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Published by: tom george on Jan 01, 2010
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Manpower Planning


HR planning is “A process by which an organisation should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position.Through planning management strives to have the right number & right kind of people at the right places at the right time,doing things which result in both the organisation & the individual receiving maximum long-run benefit.” - E.W. Vetter.

Influence of Corporate level strategies on HRP
  

Expansion. Diversification. Acquisitions & mergers. Retrenchment (reducing the size of company operations)

Additional HR of existing categories. Additional HR of different categories. Reduction of HR of managerial positions. Reduction of HR of almost all categories through VRS & other means.

Influence of Unit level strategies on HRP

Low cost leadership. Differentiation strategy.

Reduction of HR. Additional HR of different categories.

         

To recruit & retain the HR of required quantity & quality. To foresee the employee turnover & make arrangements for minimum turnover & filling up the consequent vacancies. To meet the needs of expansion,diversification,acquisition & mergers,etc.. To foresee the impact of technology on work,existing employees & future HR requirements. To improve the standards,skills,knowledge,ability,discipline,etc.. To assess the surplus or shortage of manpower. To maintain congenial industrial relations by maintaining optimum level & structure of HR. To estimate the cost of HR. To make the best use of its HR. To minimise imbalances caused due to non availability of HR of the right kind,no.,in right time & place.

Factors affecting HRP
External  Government policies.  Business environment.  Level of economic development including future supply of HR.  Information Technology.  Level of technology.  Natural factors.  International factors.

Internal  Strategies of the company.  HR Policy of the company.  Formal & informal groups.  Job analysis.  Time horizons.  Type & quality of information.  Company’s Production Operation Policy.  Trade Unions.

Analysing org. plans Objectives,programs

Present programs

Control & review mechanism

Demand forecast Resource requirements Skill wise & knowledge wise

Supply forecast= Present Inventory of HR+ Additions -Losses

Net HR Requirements for future

Surplus of future available HR within the organisation

Shortage of future available HR within the organisation

Forecast the future Supply of HR in All sources if Supply is inadequate
Internal mobility


Retrenchment/ redundancy




Strategies in case of surplus Manpower

 a. b.

Redeployment OutplacementEmployment in sister concerns Employment in other companies.

      

Redundancy/retrenchment Reduced work hours. Work sharing. Layoffs- Permanent/Temporary. Leave of absence without pay. VRS/Early retirement/Golden Handshake. CRS/Iron handshake. Creation of ad-hoc projects.

Strategies in case of shortage
 Employment.  Outsourcing.  Training

& Development.  Internal mobility.  Retention plans.

Types of HR Planning
 Short  Long

term term

Short term HR Planning
 For

a period of not more than 2 years. faced in this planning-

 Problems
  

The Weak Incumbent. The Strong Incumbent.

An Unexpected Vacancy.


Approaches to matching a weak individual and a jobChanging of the Man. Changing the Contents of the Job. Changing the Job and the Man. Removal of the Incumbent.


For optimum utilisation of the strong incumbentAssign Additional duties. Assign some Special Problems. Advice. Change in Job.

Long term HR Planning
manpower requirements.  Taking stock of existing manpower.  Recruitment & selection.  HR development.
 Projecting

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