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Good afternoon classmates and

teacher. I am here today to tell

you about the Hunger Games,
which is an inspiring book about
love, loss, famine, and survival.

Waged war on the Capitol and

were defeated. In order to control
future rebellions the Capitol, or
the government, force them to
remember the past rebellion by

The Hunger Games is the first

book in the Hunger Games
Collins, published in 2008. She
has written another series and 2

Forcing two youngsters between

the ages of 12 and 18 from each
participate in The Hunger Games.
The rules are very simple: the

childrens books, totalling to 7

other books apart from the
Hunger Games series. The series
complies with many genres, such
as Young adult literature,

Twenty-four players must kill

each other and survive in the
wilderness until only one wins by
broadcast through the Capitol and

Alternate history, science fiction,

and adventure fiction. It has won
many awards and stayed over
five-and-a-half consecutive years
on the New York Times Best

The twelve districts to entertain

and intimidate the population. In
District 12, the teenager Katniss
Everdeen is a great hunter and
archer. When her younger sister

Sellers List! The Hunger Games

became popular enough to be
translated into a movie, released
recommended to be read by

Primrose Everdeen is selected as

one of the representatives of their
district, Katniss volunteers to take
her place in the games. Together
with Peeta Mellark, they head by

People of ages 12 years and

above, due to violence within the
book. - The story is about Katniss
Everdeen, who is a 16-year-old
girl living with her mother and

Train to the Capital to be trained

for the brutal game. Katniss isnt
fazed; she has had to fight for
survival and been close to death
before. Katniss is my favourite

Younger sister in Panem, the

remains of what used be North
America. She lives in District 12,
the poorest district out of them
all. 74 years ago the districts

Character in the book; she is a

great role model because she is
teaches others to never give up
and to stand up for what you

Believe in, as she so courageously

did when she volunteered to take
her sisters place. Peeta is also
great character in the book
because his perspectives and
Thoughts are insightful, and a
great example of this is when he
said: I keep wishing I could think
of a show the Capitol
they don't own me. That I'm
More than just a piece in their
Games.One of my favourite
paragraphs in the book is near
the beginning, at the reaping. The
whole book is portrayed from
Katniss point of view. Its time
for the drawing. Effie Trinket says
as she always does, Happy
Hunger Games! And may the
odds be ever in your favour!
Ladies first! and crosses to the
glass ball with the girls names.
She reaches in, digs her hand
deep into the ball, and pulls out a
slip of paper. The crowd draws a
Collective breath and you can
hear a pin drop, and Im feeling
nauseous and so desperately
hoping that its not me, that its
not me, that its not me. Effie
Trinket crosses back to the
podium, smoothes the slip of
paper, and reads out the name in
a clear voice. And its not me. Its
Primrose Everdeen.- This is just

A miniscule insight into the

Hunger Games. Im sure you will
Thousands of other people have.
Thank you. ~Noor Succar 8E~