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Government unit/branches of government

Learning Targets
a. I can correctly identify the 3 branches of government
b. I can correctly identify and explain the jobs of each branch
c. I can explain the difference between the federal and state governments
a. 4 C3.0.3 Describe the organizational structure of the federal government in the United
States (legislative, executive, and judicial branches).
b. 4 C3.0.4 Describe how the powers of the federal government are separated among the
a. reading several articles,
b. creating a government within the classroom
c. watching united streaming videos
d. several activities to act out the jobs of branches of government.

Formative assessments
Creation of a weebly blog where after each lesson on the branches the students
summarizes the job of that branch being discussed and provides pictures and text to go
along with the entry.
a. success criteria-Each blog entry provides the job and a summary of the job that branch
does. It is detailed and continues both text and pictures.

After reading each article on each specific branch students are to complete an online
assessment of how well they know that branch. Must give answers for who is in each
branch and what the role of the branch
a. success criteria-each submitted online form has the correct members of the branch and
the role of that branch in the government


After learning about all three branches students will create a graphic organizer on what
our state government looks like and what our federal government looks like. Asking for
similarities and differences of the two governments.
a. success criteria-the graphic organizers show the 3 branches at each level. With
differences being president/governor.

*Blog entries will be commented on my the teacher as well as the peer group and corrections
can be made based on the comments if needed
*online communication of self assessment of each branch after reading the article. allowing for
resubmitting of self assessment until correct answers are given.
*using sticky notes students can respond to graphic organizers posted around the room.
Students can then use sticky notes to make corrections to the graphic organizers.
Summative Project


Students will work on their own to create a google site that has the following each of the
three branches with a detailed description of each branch. At least one picture per
branch that is an accurate representation of that branch. Site needs to show the
difference between the state and federal government. Spelling and accuracy are a


each branch as a
detailed description

1 or fewer of the
branches contain
accurate information.

2 of the 3 branches
are accurately
displayed and contain
a detail description

all three branches are

accurately displayed
and contains a
detailed description

Picture that
represents the
branch accurately.

1 or fewer pictures
that accurately
represent the branch

2 of the 3 branches
contain accurate

all three branches

have pictures which
accurately display the

the state and federal

differences are

the differences
between state and
federal branches is
not displayed

the difference
between state and
federal government is

the differences
between state and
federal governments
are stated accurately
and are well