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Grade 1C - Weekly Planner

Week 10: 2nd January 2010

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P.E. English: Spelling Arabic Arabic Math English: Phonics Art Art

Spelling test on last week's


Using Addition Facts to Reading short "u", practice
P.E. Arabic Arabic Art Art
Subtract Lsn 4.7 pp.141-142. book p. 53.
bed, men, red, step, ten, net,
leg, jet, sled, wet, saw & your.

English: Reading & Comprehension Arabic Arabic Math Science I.T. English: Handwriting

This week's story


"Animal Park" pp.118-127. Problem Solving: Choose an How do plants grow and
Learn menu / exploring Writing letters n, m & p
Arabic Arabic Operation Lsn 4.8 pp.143- change? Ch.4 Lsn 6 (pp.104-
window pp.59-61
Comprehension 144. 105) Workbook p.41A.

"Cause & Effect" practice book p.54

English: HFW I.T. Science Math English: Spelling Social Studies Arabic Islamic Studies

Ch.4 Wonderful Food,


"home", "into", "many" & Words with short 'u', spelling

Chapter 4 Chapter Review Problem Solving: Playful Lesson 1 "You Need Food" Worksheet 3.4: Al-Adhan
"them." Practice book pp.56- Practical practice book exercises p. 22 Arabic
pp.110-111. Puppies Lss 4.9 pp.145-146. pp.64-65. Activity Book, p.16, (The call to prayer)
57. & 24.
Lesson 1.

English: Phonics Math Islamic Studies English: Grammar Science Arabic Arabic English: Spelling

Questions: Grammar & Words with short 'u', spelling

Reading final blends, Identifying Solid Figures Lsn Worksheet 3.5: How to I Guided Inquiry: How do
Writing Practice Book p 21 & Arabic Arabic practice book exercises p.
practice book p. 55. 5.1 pp.157-158. perform Wudhu? seeds change? Pp.106-107.
23. 23.

P.E. Math Science Arabic English: Grammar English: Weekly Summary Social Studies

Handwriting assessment 3,
letters i, u, w, y, j, r, n, m & p.
Flat Surfaces and Vertices Questions: Grammar &
P.E. Chapter 4 Science Game Arabic Chapter 2 & 3 combined test.
Lsn 5.2 pp.159-60. Writing Practice Book p 24.
(see website for an advance