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Teacher Evaluation Process

Purpose of Evaluation
To encourage best practices in teaching, fostering a holistic approach to educating
students in a college preparatory curriculum.
To promote self-evaluation and reflection with goals towards improving the quality of
ones teaching, Aun Aprendo.
To ensure the everyday application of the schools mission statement, curriculum,
portrait of a graduate, and strategic plan.
To evaluate faculty in a consistent and objective manner that allows for personal growth.
To ensure individuals best practices as a professional educator.
Timeline for Evaluation also see the Teacher Evaluation Checklist
Faculty Institute: Review process of evaluation and teachers create three goals using goal
By August 29th: Teachers submit goals via email by 5pm. Goal Template
By October 10th: Goal Review Meetings completed.
By December 12th: First observations and post observation self reflection completed and
submitted. Self Observation Form
By February 20th: Second observations and post observation self reflection completed and
submitted. Self Observation Form
By April 10th: Final Self Evaluation completed. Final Self Evaluation Form
By April 24th: Final evaluation meeting completed and copies of evaluation distributed.
Evaluation Process - General Description
Step 1: Teachers notified of the evaluation process and given materials.
Step 2: Teachers develop three goals with quantifiable results for the school year based on the
five characteristics of excellent teaching.
Step 3: Goal review meeting is scheduled to discuss goals and schedule observation dates.
Step 4: Two observations will be scheduled. Teachers should give agenda/lesson plan and
supplemental handouts to evaluators prior to or at observation. After each observation, teachers
will complete self evaluation of lesson and evaluators will complete observation form within two
weeks of observation. A third observation may be requested by the teacher or evaluator, if
Step 5: It is recommended that teachers visit the classrooms of other BHS teachers, both in and
outside their departments. When observing please use the observation form and provide copies
for the teacher you have observed and the evaluators. Observation Form
Step 6: Prior to Final Evaluation meeting, teachers will complete self-evaluation and evaluators
will complete Final Evaluation Form. During final meeting, evaluations will be compared and
discussed. Final Evaluation Form will be signed by both the evaluators and the teacher, and
copies will be given to the teacher, Head of School, and kept in Employees file.